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Ancient China

When was the Han Dynasty founded? 206 B.C.
When and how did the Han dynasty fall? It fell in 220 B.C. due to political struggles, social problems, and a widening gap between the rich and poor.
What happened after the Han Dynasty fell? There were nomad invasions from the North, food shortages, and warlords ruled large areas. China broke into separate kingdoms that would fight each other for 361 years.
Confucianism is a belief system based on the ideas of ______________. Confucius
Confucius taught moral __________ and _______. virtues; ethics
Followers of Confucius believed what four principles? 1. Use right of relations to produce social order. 2. Respect family and older generations. 3. Educate individuals and society 4. Act in morally correct ways.
Buddhism started in _______ and was based on the teachings of ___________________________. India, Siddharta Guatama
Buddhists believe what is a part of life? suffering
What is the reason people suffer? They are too attached to material possessions and are selfish.
How can you escape suffering? You can escape suffering by living a wise, moral, and thoughtful life.
Buddhism helped the Chinese escape suffering after which dynasty collapsed? The Han Dynasty
Confucianism was influenced by what belief system? Daoism
What does Daoism seek? Daoism seeks harmony with nature and with inner feeling (your conscience).
The Sui Dynasty __________ China. reunified
What Sui Emperor reunified China, and how did he reunify China? Yang Jian or Wendi; he restored old traditions, allowed freedom of religion, and started public works projects.
How did Wendi come to power? He killed the heir to the Zhou throne, his grandson, along with 59 royal princes.
What were some of Wendi's public works projects? The Grand Canal, and the Great Wall of China
Wendi's successor, ___________, lost control of China by raising taxes. Yangdi
The Tang emperors reunified the Empire by: expanding China's network of roads and canals.
Who was ruling the empire when China conquered Korea? Empress Wu Zhao
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