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8th US History Sem 1

2011-12 study stack for semester exam

Why were Jamestown settlers motivated to come to the New World To make a profit
Columbus was looking for A quicker trade route to Asia
Which colonies found wealth in their coastal waters? New England colonies
Which colonies found wealth in rich soil, cash crops and agriculture? Southern colonies
Which colonies found wealth in grains? Middle colonies
Which colony was founded by James Oglethorpe as a home for convicts and debtors? Charleston, South Carolina
What was the first permanent settlement founded by the English in North America? Jamestown
Under mercantilism, the 13 American colonies were expected to provide Great Britain with raw materials and markets for British products
The Quaker religion believes that All people are equal
Which religious group settled in Massachusetts in 1620? Puritans
All of the colonies except ___ practiced some form of religious tolerance Massachusetts
The formation of the Virginia House of Burgesses was significant because it marked the beginning of representative government in the US
In the 17th century, which 3 European countries claimed land in North America? Spain, France, England
What year was Jamestown founded? 1607
Where were most colonial towns and cities located? Near rivers and along the Atlantic coast
What was the purpose of the Mayflower compact? To establish laws for the general good
Name 3 challenges faced by settlers at Jamestown starvation, disease, conflicts with Native Americans
What was the impact of European exploration on Native Americans? disease caused large number of deaths
The Quakers settled mainly in Pennsylvania
Which cash crop helped Jamestown survive? tobacco
The Mayflower Compact and Virginia House of Burgesses helped establish representative democracy
Which feature of government was developed most fully during the colonial era? representative assemblies\
The New World shipped raw materials to Europe. Europe shipped manufactured goods and slaves to the New World. This is known as the ______ Triangular Trade
Who did the colonists believe had the right to tax them? only their elected representatives
Colonists were upset that they were limited to trade with Britain. This is known as ___ mercantilism
The Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party and Coercive Acts were steps leading to the American Revolution
Which document includes the words "all men are created equal" and "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" Declaration of Independence
The purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to... state grievances against British rule
Name three documents that show the progression of the development of government in the US Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, US Constitution
The Proclamation of 1763 kept colonists from moving west of which mountains? Appalachian Mountains
Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts in reaction to what? Boston Tea Party
The turning point of the American Revolution. Saratoga
A patriot is someone who favors Independence from Great Britain
A loyalist is someone who favors supporting the King
What was the result of the Treaty of Paris in 1783? Americans gained land and their independence from Great Britain.
Which country aided the colonists during the American Revolution? France
The first battle of the Revolution was at Concord. What was in Concord? an arsenal
One advantage the colonists had over the British the British were unamiliar with the land
Franklin's famous drawing of a snake included the the phrase Join or Die
Thomas Paine encouraged colonists to become independent through his pamphlet Common Sense
One of the main organizers of the Boston Tea Party and signer of Declaration of Independence Samuel Adams
Who said "Give me libery or give me death"? Patrick Henry
Who was a skilled naval lieutenant during the Revolution? John Paul Jones
Who was the African American killed during the Boston Massacre? Crispus Attucks
How did colonists protest the Stamp Act? organized boycotts of British goods
The 3/5 Compromise and the Great Compromise both dealt with representation in Congress
The 3/5 Compromise was reached by the states in counting which group of people for representation slaves
the Great Compromise was reached to settle representation between large states and small states
In the House of Representatives, representation is based on population
In the Senate, each state gets how many representatives? two
What was the purpose of the Northwest Ordinance to provide a way for new states to be admitted to the nation
The Northwest Ordinance outlawed slavery
The Northwest Ordinance allowed new states to be equal with original states
The Federalist Papers were written to encourage what? ratification of the US Constitution
The inability to tax, to print uniform currency and regulate trade were all weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
An anti-federalist Patrick Henry
A federalist Alexander Hamilton
The first 10 amendments were added to the Constitution to guarantee indidual rights
A feeling of love and devotion towards one's country patriotism
A responsible citizen involves both rights and responsibilities
An immigrant can become a US citizen through taking a test, show that you are of good moral character, and passing an interview
A naturlized citizen has all of the rights of US citizens except the ability to beome President or Vice President
Who is an historical figure that exemplifies the characteristics of civic virtue? George Washington
Responsibilites of a citizen include voting, obeying laws, defending nation, serving on a jury, serving community
In a constitutional democracy, people are allowed these liberties freedom of speech and press
What is the principle that government is shared between the federal and the states federalism
What is the principle that citizens elect representatives republicanism
What is the principle that government only has the powers that are in the constitution limited government
What principal is exemplified in the phrase "We the People" popular sovereignty
What is the principle in which there are three branches of government Separation of Powers
What is the principal that each branch checks the power of the other branches Checks and Balances
What is the principle that individuals are guaranteed certain rights include inalienable rights? Individual Rights
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