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Roderick's Gov't

H Gov't: Final Study

What are the 4 characteristics of state? gov't, population, sovereignty, territory
3 traits of English Representative gov't? limited, ordered, representative
3 English documents? Magna Carta, Petition of Rights, English Bill of Rights
3 major philosophers? Locke, Blackstone, Montesquieu
What did our gov't get from the Roman gov't? collegiality, majority rules
Legislative Branch of Romans- what are 3 parts? Curate (clans and families), centuriate (wealth/age), tribal (plebians-lower class)
Weaknesses of Articles can't regulate trade, no nat'l judiciary system, couldn't get money from states for army and navy
From VA plan? bicameral, 3 branches
From NJ plan? 3 branches
Fxns of government? (preamble) justice, perfect union, general warfare, liberty, domestic tranquility, common defense
What did Beard believe? His beliefs were towards creating welath and making capitalism flourish
What did Tocqueville believe? If you have a right to do something, you also have a duty
Principles of democracy? majority rules/minority rights, freedom, equality, fundamental worth, necessity of compromise
6 principles of the constitution? separation of power, popular sovereignty, limited gov't, judicial review, checks and balances, federalism
7 types of powers? delegated, expressed, implied, inherent, reserved, exclusive, concurrent
Powers of Congress? coin money, regulate commerce, tax, regulate bankruptcy, declare war, treaties
AZ legislature (3 parts)? intitiative, referendum, recall
Succession? VP, Speaker of the house, president pro tem of the senate, sec. of state, sec. of treasury, sec. of defense, attorney general
House qualifications? 25, 7 yr citizen, resident of state and district
Senate qualifications? 30, 9 yr citizen, reside in state
President's roles? chief of state, chief executive, chief of party, chief citizen, commander in chief
Executive presidential powers? issue orders, federal and judicial appointments
Legislative presidential powers? veto, call sessions of Congress
Judicial presidential powers? reduce sentence length, postpone sentence
AZ judicial hierarchy AZ supreme court, appellate court, superior court, lower courts, justice courts
What is the writ of habeas corpus? It states that state courts must respect and abide by the federal courts
What is the name for a law that is applied retroactively to the diadvantage of the accused? ex post facto
Which amendment is usually involved in the discussion of gun control? 2nd
"The guarantees of religious freedom are limited in practice" could be found where? In the establishment clause
What is slander? The expression of false statements that could hurt a person's reputation
Created by: brittany2215