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World War I CCMS

6th grade WWII

Who was killed in Sarajevo, this was the beginning of WWI? Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Gavrilo Princip
This term means to build up the military. Militarism
People who share a common language and traditions. Ethnic Group
A defense agreement among nations. Alliance System
A system that prevents any one country from dominating the others. Balance of Powers
An understanding among nations. Entente
What were some of the deadly weapons used during this war? Trench warefare, poison gas, airplanes, U -boats and armored tanks.
Information designed to influence opinion. propaganda
This American ship was sunk off the coast of Ireland by the Germans. The Lusitania- it sank in about 15 minutes and 128 American citizens were killed.
Rule by one person with unlimited power. Autocracy
Telegraph sent by Germans to Mexican government asking for their support against the United States. Zimmerman Telegraph
Who was president when the US entered the war? Woodraw Wilson
This established a military d.raft Selective Service Act
Created by: sgerhardt