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proud to be texan

texas vocabulary

Differing from one another Diverse
State flower of Texas Blue Bonnett
The state insect of Texas Monarch Butterfly
The state dish of Texas Chile
A mountainous area in the west Texas desert where the Rio Grande makes a sharp turn Big Bend
African American laundress She represents Fanny McFarland, a freed slave who became a successful landowner and developer
Amendment A change or add a statement to a document
Annex To add to one's own territory to form a larger country
Appoint To name someone officially to an office
Barbara Jordan 1st African-American woman elected to the Texas Senate
Bicameral Consisting of two houses; the Senate and House of Representatives
Bill A proposed law that is presented to Senators & Representatives to vote on
*Buffalo Soldiers Name given to the African-American Calvary, men of the 9th and 10th, by their Native American foes
Capitol The building in which Senators & Representatives work and meet in
Civic affairs Issues relating to a citizen, a city, or citizenship
*Conquistador Spanish conqueror in North and South America
Constitution Laws of a nation or state that establish the powers of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people
*Cowboy Worked cattle and took them up the trail
Cowgirl and Cowboy Men and women who participate in the sport of rodeo
*Davy Crockett and Ole Betsy A congressman from Tennessee, he fought at the Alamo and had a nickname for his gun
Debate To discuss back and forth opposing arguments on a proposed law
Democracy A form of government in which the supreme power is given to the people
Election The process of voting to choose a person for office
Goddess of Liberty The statue that sits atop the dome of the Texas Capitol
Governor This person is the head of the state of Texas - Chief Executive
*Gulf of Mexico Large body of water on the coast of Texas and Louisiana
Horses Used for transportation by Native Americans, cowboys and soldiers
House of Representatives A body of 150 members in the Texas legislature
Judicial Branch This branch of government has the power to interpret laws and consists of the courts
Law A rule or procedure that is enforced by a specific authority
Leadership The act of directing others
Legislature This branch of government has the power to make laws
*Llano Estacado Also called the “Staked Plains”, it is one of the largest tablelands in North America.
Longhorns Breed of cattle that was very hardy and had very long horns
*Mesquite Native Americans used pods from this tree to make tea, syrup and ground meal
*Mexican Vaquero Working cowboy family from Spain or Mexico
Miriam Ferguson 1st woman elected to the office of Governor
*Mission A religious settlement set up to Christianize the Native Americans
Missionary and burro A person sent to do religious or charity work
*Native American Family Original human inhabitants of the land now known as Texas
*Palo Duro Canyon A Texas natural wonder (also known as the Grand Canyon of Texas) that was carved by a branch of the Red River
Pledge A promise or agreement that must be kept
*Prickly Pear The pads of this cactus can also be cooked and eaten as a vegetable
*“Rosie the Riveter” She represents the women who went to work for the first time outside of their homes during World Ward II to fill the need left by men being gone to war. Example: Women who flew planes
Rotunda A round building or room, covered by a dome
*Roughneck Oilfield worker
Sam Houston The first President of the Republic of Texas
Senator A person who is elected to a body of 31 members in the Texas legislature
Sunset Red Texas Granite walls are made of The type of material that the Texas Capitol's exterior
Term The length of time a person may serve in office once elected
*Texas Ranger These protectors of the Texas frontier were a diverse group and included Anglos,Hispanics and American Indians
Treaty Oak Legend has it that the Father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin, signed the first boundary treaty with the local Indians under this tree
Vote A formal expression of one's opinion; you do this when you elect someone to office
*Yucca This plant is sometimes called the “Spanish Dagger”
Created by: cacosta77
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