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14 50 Famous Stories

From the Robinson Curriclum

abbot the superior of a monastery
banquet an elaborate, sumptuous meal or feast
clamber to climb with difficulty, especially on all fours
cruel disposed to inflict pain and suffering
custom a practice followed by people of a particular group or religion
danger the state of being exposed to injury, pain, or loss
duty moral obligation
habit customary manner or practice
hatchet a small, short handled ax for use in one hand
necessity pressing or urgent need
outlaw a fugitive from the law; a habitual criminal
pardon to make allowance for, forgive
pasture ground on which grass or other vegetation grows
pretense- 2 the offering of something false as real or untrue
protect to keep from being damaged, attacked, stolen, or injured
punish to subject to a penalty for an offense or wrong doing.
puny of inferior, size, strength, or significance
scold to find fault with, usually angrily
scorch to burn slightly or dry up with intense heat
sculptor artist who molds or carves figures
soot a black substance, consisting chiefly of carbon particals formed by incomplete burning
swoop to move in a sudden sweep
tendril a twisting threadlike structure by which a plant holds onto something
trial an effort or attempt
witty provoking or intending to provoke mirth or humor.
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