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Movement of scapula when it moves anterior and lateral Protraction
Which cells secrete calcitonin? parafollicular
What types of cells are found throughout the respiratory tract? Pseudostratified Ciliated columnar
Haustra are characteristic of what structure? Large intestine
The esophageal hiatus is located at which vertebral level? t10
The peronious longus tendon goes under the foot & crosses the groove of which bone? Cuboid
What structure pierces the central tendon of the diaphragm? Inferiorl Vena Cava
Which structure comes out of the diaphragm at T8? Inferior Vena Cava
What level is the apex of the lung located? Above 1st Rib
What are the largest taste buds? Circumvallate
The spermatic cord passes through which ring? The Deep inguinal ring
The posterior costal pleura extend caudally to which level? the 12th rib
What is the superficial boundary of the peroneal cavity? colles flexure (fascia)
Plane which divides the body into right and left halves median/saggital
What do larynogotracheal diveritculum develop from? pharynx
What canal is located on the lateral wall of the ischiorectal fossa? pudendal
Organ which has both endocrine and exocrine functions? pancreas
which organ has no lymphatics? brain
meissner's plexus is located in which part of the intestinal lining? submucosa
At what vertebral level is the horizontal fissure of the lung located? T4 @ mid axillary line T6 @ mid clavicular line
What is the main function of the oval window? Transmit sonic vibration to ossicles of the perilymph
What types of cells line the pleural cavity? Flat medothelial cells
The thoracic crura of the diaphgram attach to the? t12-l1 vertebra
What part of the mediastinum is the heart located in? The middle
What is the causes of erections? Arterial dilation of corpus cavernosium
Posterior costal pleura extend to what thoracic level? t12
What structure passes through the left and right crura of the diaphragm? aorta
What is a derivative of the parameonephric duct? uterus
Taenia coli are a feature of what structure? Haustra (large intestine)
Where does the floor of the palatine tonsil lie? palatopharyngues and superior constrctor
The vermiform appendix is an outpouching of the? Cecum
The thymus gland is located in which part of the mediastinum? superior
Where is the true pelvis located below the pelvic inlet, but above the pelvic outlet
Which rib is at the junction of the manubrium and body of the sternum? 2nd
Which duct opens into the vestibule of the mouth? parotid
A dust cell is aka? macrophage
Which gland commonly undergoes calcific changes? pineal gland
What is an outgrowth of the hepatic diverticulum? cystic duct
The tail of the pancreas in in contact with the? spleen
The ostium of the maxillary sinus opens into the what? middle meatis
The lateral aspect of the rectus abdominal sheath is known as the? linea semilunaris
Which GI structure contains central lacteals? villi
which structure lies posterior lateral to the testes? epididymis
Where is the pampiniform plexus located? spermatic cord
Plane which divides the body into anterior and posterior halves? coronal
Where is the junction of the esophagus and stomach located? inferior to the diaphragm
Which is a vertical plane at right angles to the sagittal plane? coronal
The union of what structures forms the common bile duct? common hepatic and cystic ducts
The articulation between the thumb, trapezium, and the base of the 1st metacarpal forms what type of joint? saddles joint
Where are adenoids located? nasopharynx
The distal ascending colon is located in which abdominal quadrant? right upper
The stomach is located in which abdominal quadrant? left upper
the descending colon is located in which abdominal quadrant? left lower
the cecum is located in which abdominal quadrant? right lower
Which cell types are responsible for the maturation of RBCS? reticulocytes
Which region of the stomach is adjacent to the esophagus? cardiac
The superior border of the esophagus is located at which vertebral level? c6
What is the function of kupffer cells? phagocytosis
which type of epithelium lines the esophagus? stratified squamous
What cells are formed by fragmentation of megakaryocytes? platlets
What is the dermatome of the nipple? T4
Red pulp is seen in which organ? spleen
The anterior portion of the bladder trigone is formed by? the urethra
What is located between the isthmus and the vagina? cervix
What is the superior portion of the uterus above the fallopian tube called? fundus
What forms the apex of the heart? left ventricle
The greater omentum extends between which structures? greater curvature of the stomach to the transverse colon
What part of the mediastinum is the arch of the aorta located? superior
What quadrant of the abdomen is the appendix located? right lower
What hormone does the corpus luteum produce? progesterone
What action locks the knee with weight bearing? internal rotation
T-lymphocytes are dervied from which structure? thymus
The tissue of the mitral and tricuspid valves are made up of? endocardium
The union of which two structures forms the ejaculatory duct? vas deferens & seminal vesicles
Where is the angle of louie located? 2nd rib
What is the layer of skin on the soles of feet and palms of hands called? stratum lucidum
Axial rotation is most limited in what part of the spine? lumbar
which intercostal space is the apex of the heart located? 5th
What allows for abduction and adduction of the vocal cords? arytenoid cartilage
Which structure connects the stomach to the liver? lesser omentum
Which organ lies directly anterior to the splenic vein? pancreas
Brunners glands are in which part of the duodenum? 1st
Where are Bartholins glands found? Lower part of the vagina
which structure holds the tongue to the floor of the mouth? lingual frenulum
Abduction of the arm brings the inferior border of the scapula in what direction? superior and lateral
The scalene tubercle is a distinguishing feature of what? the 1st rib
At what level do the trachea bifurcate? T4
Peyers patches are lymphoid tissue located in the? illeum
Which bone articulates the appendicular skeleton with the scapula? clavicle
Which carpal bone articulates with the 2nd metacarpal? trapezoid
Which bone articulates with the anterior portion of the calcaneus? cuboid
Which 2 bones form the perpendicular plate? ethmoid and vomer
which bone of the foot has 3 articular facets? calcaneus
Which curves are present at birth? thoracic and sacral
which curve is formed last? lumbar
At what vert level is the apex of the lumbar curve located? L3
where is the smallest spinous process in the lumbar spine located? L5
What part of bone is the most vascular growth zone? metaphysis
The coronoid fossa is a feature of which bone humerus
The sesamoid bone in the foot is located in which tendon flexor hallicus brevis
The lesser sciatic notch is found on which bone? ischium
The scaphoid makes up the _____ of the anatomical snuffbox floor
The conoid tubercle is on which bone clavicle
What surface of the humerus is the deltoid tuberosity found? lateral surface
The coronoid process is on which bone? ulna
The olcecranon is found on which bone? ulna
The lacrimal fossa is part of which bone? frontal bone
How many tarsal bones are in the foot 7
What separates the greater and lesser sciatic notches? ischial spine
What carpal bones articule with the radius? scaphoid and lunate
Which bone contains the superior, middle, and inferior nasal concha? ethmoid
the 1st cuneiform articulates with what two bones? navicular and 1st metatarsal
Which metacarpals articulate with the hamate? 4th and 5th metacarpals
Created by: margaretrhager
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