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History Jan. 2011

What does NUWSS stand for? National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies
Were the NUWSS suffragettes or suffragists? Suffragists
What does WSPU stand for? Women's social and political union
Were the WSPU suffragettes or suffragists? Suffragettes
When was the NUWSS formed and by whom? 1897, Millicent Fawcett
When was the WSPU formed and who led them? 1903, Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughter Christabel
In 1911 what percentage of married women were in paid employment? 10%
Who was brought to power in the general election of 1906? Liberals
In what year did the trade unions set up the Labour Representation Committee (to help labour candidates stand in parliamentary elections)? 1900
In what year did Labour and the Liberals form a secret agreement, meaning that Liberals would not oppose Labour candidates in certain areas of the country? 1903
How many labour MPs were elected in 1906? 53
In what year were 53 labour MPs elected, as a result of a secret agreement between Labour and the Liberals? 1906
What would you call a political group who believe in supporting those who cannot support themselves and promote equality? (left/right wing) Left Wing
What are 2 examples of a Left wing party? Labour and Liberals
What would you call a party who value tradition, are about equity and survival of the fittest. They believe in economic freedom and feel we should all look after ourselves? Right Wing
What is an example of a right wing party? Conservatives
In what year did Lloyd-George become Chancellor of the Exchequer? 1908
What political role did David Lloyd-George take on after 1908? Chancellor of the Exchequer
In what year did Lloyd-George introduce the 'People's Budget', raising taxes to pay for the Government reforms? 1909
What budget did Lloyd-George introduce in 1909 which raised taxes in order to fund government reforms? The People's Budget
Who was the National Insurance Scheme devised by? David Lloyd-George
In what year did Winston Churchill join the cabinet? 1908
Who was responsible for the system of unemployment insurance set up in 1911? Winston Churchill
In what year did Winston Churchill set up the system of unemployment insurance? 1911
In what WW did Lloyd-George become Prime Minister? WW1
In what WW did Churchill become Prime Minister? WW2
Who published 'Life and Labour of the People in London', and between which dates were the volumes released? Charles Booth, 1886 and 1903
What study did Charles Booth release between 1886 and 1906? 'Life and Labour of the People in London'
What did Charles Booth describe as the poverty line after his study? An income of less than £1 a week between a family of 5
What percentage of people did both Booth and Rowntree find to be living under this poverty line? 30%
What are did Booth study? London
What area did Rowntree study? York
When did Rowntree publish 'Poverty:A Study of Town Life'? 1901
What study did Rowntree publish in 1901? 'Poverty:A Study of Town Life'
What war broke out in 1899? Boer war
When did the Boer war break out? 1899
What percentage if men were found to be unfit to fight, due to the effects of poverty? 40%
What was the Royal Commison of 1905 set up to investigate? The Poor Law
At what date was an enquiry into the Poor Law set up? 1905
At what date the enquiry into the Poor Law report back? 1909
Which Child act allowed local authorities to provide free school meals for the poor, and when was it introduced? The School Meals Act, of 1906
What Child Act was set up in 1906? the School meals act
By 1914, how many free school meals a day were being served? Around 150, 000
By what date were about 150, 000 free school meals being served? 1914
At what date were free school medical inspections introduced? (What was a problem with this act?) 1907 (any necessary treatment was free)
What Child act was set up in 1907? Free School Medical Inspections
By what date was free treatment included in the free school medical inspection? 1912
At what date was the Children's Charter introduced? 1908
What reform was introduced in 1908, and dealt with a wide range of issues affecting children? The Children's Charter
Name some clauses of the Children's Charter Young offenders dealt with in special courts; Borstals were established for young people; illegal to sell tobacco, alcohol & fireworks to anyone under 16; working hours for children limited and it was made illegal for children to do certain work
When was the old age pensions act passed? 1908
What act was passed in 1908, specifically to aid the old and unemployed? the old age pensions act
Over what age and below what income were people eligible for the pension? over 70 years, on an income of less that £21 a year
What two main arguments did those opposing the Pensions act present? * That it would rob people of their independence, * that it would discourage people from saving up for their own retirement
What were labour exchanges? Local employers would notify the labour exchanges of vacancies, and those seeking work could go and look for work; more efficient
In what year was the idea for labour exchanged put forward by William Beveridge (An economist) , and what year was the Labour Exchanges act instigated 1909, 1909
Who put the idea for labour exchanges forward in 1909? William Beveridge, an economist
In what year were the first labour exchanges set up? 1910
What were beginning to be set up in 1910, after the Labour Exchange act of 1909? labour Exchanges
How many Labour Exchanges were there nationwide by 1914? 400
By what year was there an establishes, nationwide network of 400 labour exchanges? 1914
Created by: tabithaarosee
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