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Korean Terminology

Terminology need for ChoDanBo and 1st Dan Black Belt

Body Momtong
Fist Jumok
Hand Son
Foot Bal
Forearm Palmok
Elbow Palgup
Knifehand Sonnal
Leg Dari
Chin Tok
Neck Mok
Spearhand Pyon Songut
Palm Batangson
Knee Murup
Face Olgul
Low Arae
Inside An
Outside Bakgat
Upper Olgul
Forward Ap
Back Dwit
Left Wen
Right Orun
Side Yop
Reverse Dung
Front Kick Ap Chagi
Side Kick Yop Chagi
Roundhouse Kick Dolyo Chagi
Turning Kick Mom Dolyo Chagi
Spinning Heel Kick Huryo Chagi
Jumping Kick Ddio Chagi
Axe Kick Naeryo Chagi
Back Kick Dwit Chagi
Reverse Hook Kick Nakga Chagi
Inside Crescent Kick An Chagi
Outside Crescent Kick Bakgat Chagi
Running Kick Gulio Chagi
Continuous Kicking Godup Chagi
Scissor Kick Gawi Chagi
Low Block Arae Makgi
Body Block Momtong Makgi
Outside Block Bakgat Makgi
Minor Outside Block An Palmok Momtong Bakgat Makgi
Upper Block Olgul Makgi
Knifehand Body block sonnal momtong makgi
knifehand lower block sonnal arae makgi
assisted block guduro makgi
crossed wrist block otgoro makgi
side block yop makgi
pushing down block nullo makgi
single knifehand block han sonnal makgi
scissor block gawi makgi
twisted block bituro makgi
punch jirugi
poke/thrust djirugi
strike chigi
body punch momtong jirugi
face punch olgul jirugi
low spearhand pyon songut jaechyod djirugi
middle spearhand pyon songut sewo djirugi
upper spearhand pyon songut opo djirugi
Knifehand strike to the neck sonnal mok chigi
palm strike batangson tok chigi
Elbow strike Palgup Chigi
Double Punch Dubon jirugi
Target Strike Pyojok chigi
pulling in chin punch dankyo tok jirugi
two handed inverted waist puch du jumok jaechyo jirugi
back fist strike dung jumok chigi
hammerfist strike me jumok chigi
outward knifehand strike sonnal bakgat chigi
knifehand grip Kahl Jaebi
Long Stance Ap Gubi
Back stance dwit gubi
short stance ap seogi
horseriding stance juchum seogi
cat stance bom seogi
parallel stance Narahni seogi
front crossover stance ap koa seogi
back crossover stance dwit koa seogi
fighting stance gyorugi seogi
closed stance moa seogi
l stance niunja seogi
twisted stance bituro gubi
crane leg stance hakdari seogi
ready stance junbi seogi
taeguk 1 taeguk il jang
taeguk 2 taeguk ee jang
taeguk 3 taeguk sam jang
taeguk 4 taeguk sa jang
taeguk 5 taeguk o jang
taeguk 6 taeguk yuk jang
taeguk 7 taeguk chil jang
taeguk 8 taeguk pal jang
Created by: lkuelsen
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