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Stack #1 Ghandi

Ghandi crossword puzzel answers

QuestionAnswerFlap 3
disputed region of nothwest india Kashmir
ghandi's assassin Nathuram Godse
site of Boer War South Africa
Introduced Ghandi to nationalist leaders Gkgokhale
Ghandi's birth place Porbandar
First leader of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Ghanidi's wife Kasturbai
India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehro
Non violent protest against a government Civil disobediance
First met in 1885 Indian National Congress
Religiously oriented communal farm Satyagrah Ashram
Organized Protests, refusal to buy or use something Boycot
First female prime minister of India Indira Ghandi
East Pakistan became this country Bangledesh
240 mile quest for sodium chloride Salt March
"Holding onto truth" Satyagraha
Ghandi's caste Hindu Vaisya
"Self Rule" Swaraj
Changes in farming that fed people of India Green Revolution
Achieved independence on Aug 14, 1947 Pakistan
Day of prayer and fasting Hartal
Great Soul Mahatma
People outside the Hindu caste system Untouchables
Site of General Dire's massacre Amritsar
plan that divided India Mountbatten Plan
Created by: cheetahsrock