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so aina 12/20/11

Canada make up _______ territories three and ten provinces
What is a province. a reginal polical divion in canada
the____ ___________was built to link the great lakes and the atlantic ocean. st lawrence seaway
the st lawrence river was sailed by_______ ________. jacques cartier
acid _________ can kill. rain
the main chemicals in acid rain are _________ and _________ sulfur andcarbon dioxi
______ ______ was ruled by france new france
canadas languages are__________ and __________. french english
the britain north american act of ______ put together the provinces . 1867
canada was granted their independence in 1931 by the __________ ___________ british paliament
many people of _____________ want to keep their french lanuages. quebec
the most common religion in quebec is _______ _______ roman catholic
____________ are people who want Quebec to become an independent separatists
canada has a consituitional_______________ monarcy
canada leader is a prime minister
farming and ranching are major economyactives in the ______ ___________ priaie province
canada has __________ mixed economy
nafata stands for ____________- north american free trade agreement
the province of _________produyce more than half of canada manufactured goood ontario
what does a entapurner do work
what is a entapurner have a naw business
imports are goods purchase from another _________ country
export are ________sold goods
what is a tarrif a tax on imports
a_________is a speciticlimit place on the number. quota
an an_______ is a goverment that orders to stop embargo
___________ is the money people use to make trade easyer. currency
_____________ rate is the price of one nation currncy in of another nations currency exchange
Created by: funfun
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