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PBHS Supreme Crt

PBHS Supreme Court Landmark Cases

Established federal bank that cannot be taxed McCulloch V Maryland
Separate but equal Plessy V Ferguson
Legalized abortion (1st trimester) Roe V Wade
Overturned separate but equal Brown V Board of Education of Topeka KS
Judicial Review Marbury V Madison
Reapportionment of electoral districts (Tennessee) Baker V Carr
Court must provide legal representation/an attorney (Florida pool hall) Gideon V Wainwright
Fed. govt did NOT have the right to regulate child labor Hammer V Dagenhart
overturned Hammer v Dagenhart and upheld Fair Labor Standards Act in 1941 U.S. v Darby Lumber Co.
First time a state law was declared unconstitutional (that legislature cannot repeal a sale) Fletcher v Peck
Lincoln suspended writ of habeas corpus Ex Parte Merryman
habeas corpus "you have the body"
Must be informed of rights when investigated for crime Miranda v Arizona
Held that though Dred Scott, a slave, had lived in a free territory with his master, he was still his masters property, and not a citizen of the US Dred Scott v Sanford
Held that martial law must be confined to "the theater of active military operations" and that civilians could not be tried in military courts if civil courts remained operational Ex parte Milligan
Held that Congress has the authority to regulate all interstate commerce Gibbons v Ogden
Held that the federal rule excluding the use of illegally obtained evidence in criminal trials should be applied to the states Mapp v Ohio
Held that obscenity is not protected under the First Amendment Roth v United States
Held that WWI limits on free speech did not violate the 1st Amendment if the speech in question presented "clear and present danger" Schenk v United States
Dissolved John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Test Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v United States
Held that secret tape recordings made in the office of President Nixon were subject to subpoena for the Watergate trial United States v Nixon
Held that a university may consider race and ethnic background in considering applicants for admission, but may not establish fixed quotas University of California v Bakke
Federal regulation of interstate commerce trumps state regulation Gibbons V Ogden
"One man, one vote" Baker V Carr
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