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Norse Mythology!

Norse Mythology by Tony D.

King of the Gods; god of wisdom, war, battle, death, music, and poetry. Often seen with his magic spear Gungnir and his eight-legged horse, Sleipnir. One-eyed, exchanging for a drink from the Well of Knowledge. Odin
Wife of Odin; foremost of the goddesses. Has the power of prophecy. Frigga
God of Thunder; wields the magic hammer Mjolnir and is often seen riding a chariot pulled by goats. Thor
God of light and beauty; father of Forseti. Most-loved of the gods; killed by a dart of mistletoe at the coming of Ragnarok. Baldr
God of single-combat and heroic glory; lost a hand to the wolf Fenris in his attempts to shackle the beast successfully. Tyr
God of trickery and fire; “father of lies”. Half-giant; father of Fenris, the World Serpent, and Hel. Loki
Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Sister of Freyr. Nearly forced to marry one-time King of the Frost Giants, Thrymr. Freya
God of Agriculture and weather. Often seen with his dwarven-made boar and magic sword. Freyr
Guardian of the gods; known for his battle-horn and alertness. Guards the link between Midgard and Asgard, the Bifrost Bridge. Heimdall
Goddess of the Underworld; daughter of Loki. Known for refusing to return Baldr’s soul after his death. Hel
God of the sea, sea-faring, and the wind. Father of Freyr and Freya. Njord
Goddess of winter and cold. Skadi
Equivalent of the Greek Fates. The Norns
God of justice, peace, and truth. Son of Baldr; known for mediation and peace. Abstained from Ragnarok. Forseti
God of poetry and eloquence. Son of Odin. Bragi
King and largest of the Frost Giants; one of the first beings of Creation. Ymir
a group of giants who live in Votunheim; at war with the Aesir and Vanir (The Norse Gods). Frost Giants
Also known as the World Serpent; a serpent that encircles the earth and signals the coming of Ragnarok. Slain by Thor, but kills him with its venom. Jormungard
A dragon that lies at the roots of the World Tree, gnawing through Niflheim. Gnaws through the root at the coming of Ragnarok. Niddhogg
A giant wolf shackled until Ragnarok by Tyr. Bites off Tyr’s hand as he fastens the shackle. Offspring of Loki. Fenrir
The eight-legged horse of Odin. Sleipnir
The fallen warriors of Valhalla. Destined to fight at Ragnarok. Einherjar
Warrior-maidens who gather the dead and bring them to Valhalla; servants of Odin. Valkyries
The two ravens of Odin; represent Thought and Memory. Huginn and Muninn
small, stunted beings known for their craftsmanship. Dwarves
the Norse Underworld; also known as Hel. Dead souls here are ruled by the goddess Hel. Niflheim
Realm of the Aesir (Norse Gods); contains Valhalla. Asgard
Realm of the Frost Giants Jotunheim
Hall of the Gods in Asgard, where those chosen by Odin to attend Ragnarok feast and fight until the Final Battle. Valhalla
Realm of Humans; the Earth. Midgard
a rainbow bridge connecting Asgard to Midgard; guarded by Heimdall. Bifrost Bridge
Said to be one of the few connections between Niflheim and Midgard. Well of Urd
The well of Knowledge. Odin sacrifices an eye to drink from it. Well of Mimir
The World Tree. It contains upon it the nine realms. Yggdrasil
Realm of the Vanir (Norse gods at odds with the Aesir until they merged) Vanaheim
The Final Battle between the forces of good and evil. Loki leads the Frost Giants againt the Aesir and Vanir. All realms, gods, and goddesses perish except for a select few, heralding a New Age. Ragnarok
Evil goddess and Mistress of Loki; mother of Fenrir, Jormungard, and Hel Angrboda
Most beautiful of the Valkyries; resides on a mountain top ringed in fire until Sigrud saves her; the Subject of Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung Brunhilde
The Cosmic Void which separates Niflheim and Muspell Ginnungagap
A land of fire and desolation; ruled by Surt the Fire Giant Muspell
Created by: tonydelg
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