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mid-term history

history stuff- Rome

Apennines mountain range in Italy close (ish) to Rome. Backbone of Italy
Sicily island off of Rome. Looks like the boot (Italy) is kicking it.
Latium Plain plain near Rome
Fertile Soil Good to grow crops, unlike in Greece.
Central Location canter of Italy, center of action, center of Mediterranean Sea
Monarchy seven kings. Romulus= 1st, Tarcus= last
Etruscans (Etruria) powerful neighbors of Rome. traded with western Mediterranean.
Alphabet taught to Romans
Arch perfected by Romans after they adopted it from the Etruscans.
Tarquin last king of Rome. was overthrown.
Mare Nostrum Means "our sea" in Latin. Referring to the Mediterranean Sea.
The Republic leaders elected by the citizens assembly to run the government.
Consuls leaders elected by citizens assembly and advised by the senate.
Patricians Highest Roman class.
Plebeians 2nd highest Roman class. Major population; artesians, shop keepers, and peasants.
Slaves Lowest rank in the Roman social class. had no rights
The twelve tables twelve bronze tables that had the Roman laws engraved on them. hung in the Forum. 450 B.C.
Veto comes from the Latin word "I forbid". any senate had the ability to veto the others ideas or plans.
Senate life term. Controlled the treasury and foreign policy.
Punic Wars Between Rome and Carthage
Carthage Phebian city on North Africa. Across the Mediterranean from Rome.
Sicily First place/island outside Italy. Conquered by Rome.
Hamilcar Hannibal's father. General of the first Punic War.
Hannibal Rome's worst enemy ever from Carthage. General of the 2nd Punic War. Hamilcar's son.
Scipio Africanus Roman General who defeated Hannibal.
Zama a town near Carthage where some battle was fought.
Slaves had no rights
Julius Caesar a power hungry general. Romes's rival. From an old Patrician family.
Crossing the Rubicon Julius Caesar crossed it with his army. making the decision you cant go back. Rubicon River divide Gaul and Italy.
Pompey Roman general defeated by his enemy, Julius Caesar.
Dictator a ruler with absolute power that rules with an iron fist/hand.
Military had a professional army that was very disciplined and determined. Full time army people, just like a job for Romans.
Roads Rome built many roads. There is a saying, "all roads lead to Rome." because of how many roads are there. Having lots of roads made traveling easy for the army.
Appian Way One of the first Roman roads. 312 B.C. Still used today.
Arch and Dome perfected by Romans after they adopted it from the Etruscans.
Aqueducts built to carry water from mountain springs to public fountains and baths in nearby cities.
Created by: raanderson