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social studies stack

social studies vocab stack

archaeologist a scientist who digs for and studies artifacts from the past
artifact an object made oor used from people being from the past
atlatl a tool that helped early hunters throw spears
chert a rock used to make spear points
confederation a group of tribes or nations that work together to protect their land from other tribes
fluted cut in grooves
longhouse a large wigwam that housed many Native American families
migration the movement of people from one place to another
ochre powdered iron ore
petrogltyph picture engravings in stone
pharaoh an ancient Egyptian leader
prehistoric before written history
primary source something that was made or written by people that were here at the time of the event
secondary source something that was made or written by people after the event
shell midden an ancient garbage dump of shells and bones
toboggan a sled that travels quickly over ice and snow
totem an animal used for a symbal for a Native American clan
wampum small shells and beads used for trade and as money
wigwam a small Native American house made from saplings and birch bark
Created by: doughnut man