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APUSH Midterm 6

Sectionalism 1820-1850

Compromise of 1850 Compromise between North and South on issue of slavery; California enters Union as free state and a stricter fugitive slave law is implemented
John C. Calhoun Political theorist and vice president who favored Southern secession
Daniel Webster Nationalistic views made him leader of Whig Party
William Lloyd Garrison Radical abolitionist who called for immediate end to slavery
Frederick Douglass Former slave who devoted himself to abolition by getting involved in politics
Sojourner Truth Former slave; abolitionist and women's rights advocate
Harriet Tubman Escaped slave who conducted Underground Railroad, risking life to help others escape
Uncle Tom's Cabin Book by Harriet Beecher Stowe that became famous internationally and turned many people against slavery
American Slavery As It Is Theodore Dwight Weld; powerful antislavery book
Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World David Walker; call to awaken African Americans to seek unity and end struggle
The Impending Crisis of the South Hinton Helper; took different antislavery angle--attempted to prove how slavery negatively affected Southern whites
Nullification Crisis 1832; South Carolina fought to declare tariffs void in state; began SC idea of secession
Nat Turner Rebellion 1831; Virginia slave rebellion
Free Soil Party 1848; abolitionist political party
Irish & German Immigration Influx of immigrants caused by potato famine and political conflicts and revolutions
Nativists Anti-immigration group; mostly focused against Germans and Irish; also anti-Catholic
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