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APUSH Midterm 4

Age of Jefferson 1800-1816

War of 1812 Conflict between U.S. and Britain caused by trade restrictions and impressment of American soldiers into British navy; Also called Mr. Madison's War
Treaty of Ghent 1814; Restored conditions between U.S. and Britain to how they were before the war
Toussaint Louverture Actions led to freeing of slaves in France
Tecumseh Native American leader who allied with British in War of 1812
Louisiana Purchase 1803; Territory bought from France which over doubled size of U.S.
Hartford Convention Event in which New England's fervent opposition to War of 1812 nearly led to their secession
Battle of Tippecanoe U.S. vs. Native Americans; Americans attacked N. A. to gain territory; William Henry Harrison
Battle of New Orleans Final battle in War of 1812; fought over Louisiana Purchase; Andrew Jackson
Battle of Thames River Decisive American victory
Judicial Review Legislative and executive actions subject to review by judiciary
Election of 1800 Adams (Federalist) vs. Jefferson (Democratic-Republican); Jefferson won; led to eventual demise of Federalist party
Election of 1808 Democratic-Republican Madison against Federalist Pinckney; Madison won
War Hawks Advocated declaring war against Britain in 1812; also known for pushing to invade Canada
Created by: C0RINNE