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APUSH Midterm 3

New Republic 1787-1800

1787 U.S. Constitution
1789 Judiciary Act- organized Supreme Court
1800 Election in which Jefferson becomes president
James Madison Primary author of Constitution
Alexander Hamilton Secretary of Treasury; economic genius who established national bank, tariff system, and trade relations with Britain
John Marshall Chief Justice of U.S. who helped lay base for constitutional law and made judicial branch of gov't
Aaron Burr VP of Jefferson; later killed A. Hamilton in duel
The Federalist Papers Documents pushing for ratification of Bill of Rights
Proclamation of Neutrality 1793; Formal announcement by G. Washington that America would not assist other countries at war
Washington's Farewell Address Warns against foreign affairs and forming of political parties
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions 1799; Declared Alien and Sedition Acts to be unconstitutional
Alien and Sedition Acts 1798; Created stricter regulations on immigration and foreigners
Jay's Treaty 1794; Resolved issues in Treaty of Paris between U.S. and Britain
Pinckney's Treaty 1795; Defined boundaries of U.S. at Mississippi River
Whiskey Rebellion 1794; Protest against tax implemented by Hamilton to help pay off national debt
Great (Connecticut) Compromise 1787; Bicameral legislature with one part giving states representation by pop. and the other equal representation
Battle of Fallen Timbers Struggle between Native Americans and U.S. for control of Northwest Territory; led to Treaty of Greenville establishing boundary
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