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APUSH Midterm 1

Colonial Period 1607-1750

John Rolfe English settler; first cultivator of tobacco as export
Thomas Hooker Founder of Connecticut
William Bradford Separatist leader of Plymouth colony
Jonathan Edwards Great Awakening minister; Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
1619 Plymouth; Mass. Bay Colony
John Winthrop Governor of Massachusetts colony
George Whitefield Preacher in Britain and America during Great Awakening
Roger Williams Religious dissenter; started new religious colony
Anne Hutchinson Other religious dissenter who was exiled for beliefs
Nathaniel Bacon Bacon's Rebellion
Fundamental Orders of Conn. First constitution in colonies
Mayflower Compact First order of self-government
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Sermon by J. Edwards about soul and hell
Jamestown Founded 1607 by joint-stock company
Bacon's Rebellion Uprising of poor folk caused by "too lenient" Native American policies
New England Confederation Organization of Puritans united against Native Americans
King Philip's War 1675-76; New England colonists vs. Native Americans
Dominion of New England Failed attempt to unify colonies into one region; 1686-89
Great Awakening 1720; Religious revival that started in colonies and spread to Europe
Virginia House of Burgesses Assembly for purpose of representative self-government
Albany Plan of Union (Albany Congress) 1754; Purpose was to achieve greater colonial unity, thus bolstering defense against France
Mercantilism Economic system; wealth=power, country's value can be measured in gold or silver
Half-Way Covenant Children of Puritans were members of church without engaging in full communion
Created by: C0RINNE