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All Names and Terms

General Lee giving order for pickett to charge is known as... picketts charge
union north
south confederate
William T. Sherman Union
What percent of the population died from the civil war? 2%
Nickname of jackson stonewall
john brown martyr for the abolition movement
what happened after Lincoln was elected? S. caorolina seceded from the union (Florida was 3rd)
Ulysses S. Grant union
Great Skedaddle union troops retreated
Robert E. Lee turned down union army for CONFEDERATE
Who had the major advantage? NORTH
Manasses Junction 1st battle of Bull Run
Who was led by Chief Crazy Horse Sioux
Battle of Little Bighorn more than 260 killed. plus + Custer
more than 200 massacred (unarmed sioux soldiers) @ Wounded Knee
chisholm trail major cattle route
grange organization for farmers
oliver hudson kelly started Patrons of husbandry
what did the grange and patron husbandry lead to? Farmer's alliance
populism movement of the people
purpose of peoples party give ppl greater voice in gov't
Edison perfected lightbulb & research lab
oil was transformed into kerosene
what became the most important form of oil? gasoline
Type writer Christopher Sholes
Telephone. (Ring, Ring) Alexander "Bell"
What 2 inventions opened doors to women in the work force? Typewriter + telephone
what caused time zones railroads
first railroads met at promontory Point , Utah
Central Pacific Railroad Chinese
Union Pacific Railroad Irish
geaorge M. pullman sleeper cars
John D. ROckefeller founded standard oil company accused of being a ROBBER BARON
Social Darwinism AKA "natural selection" weeding out less suited individuals and enabling the best adapted to survive
Professor C.F Dowd earth into 24 time zones
Samuel Gompor's American Federation of Labor prez
Orville & Wilbur Wright 1st successful flight in N. Carolina
George Eastman Kodak (photography ease)
compulsory laws require children ages 8-14 to attend school
Thomas Nast political cartoonist
Tweed 120 counts of fraud and extortion;12 yrs in jail bc of his big scam
Tammany Hall Boss tweed was head of it; powerful democratic political machine
street cars in.. San Fran.
Subways in... Boston
Louis Sullivan &Frank Wright Architects
frederick Law olmsted Landscaping most likely for new york
W.E.B Du Bois 1st african american to earn PHD from harvard (smartest of the time)
voters had to pass.. literacy tests
founded Niagara movement W.E.B Du Bois
"The Crises" W.E.B. Du Bois
jim crow laws made it legal for segregation
number 1 sport baseball
number 2 sport boxing
number 3 sport horse-racing
yellow journalism use of sensationalism or exaggerated stories;helped sell newspapers
Mark Twain inspirational writer known for huckleberry fin
Scott Joplin maple leaf rag song RAGTIME
earliest form shopping center opened in cleveland ohio
gives a lady what she wants quote marshall field
Jazz grew from where? New Orleans
Postal service introduced... rural free delivery (RFD)
Prohibition banning of alcoholic beverages
William McKinley Elected for VP in 1900
Theodore Roosevelt Elected for VP in 1900
WHos is assassinated with the mckinley and roosevelt election MCKINLEY
who was an imperialist? Theodore Roosevelt
George Dewey launched surprise attack on spanish ships
Manila Bay surprise attacks on spanish ships took place
U.S.S. Maine .(What Happened) mysteriously exploded;us blamed spain; Us called for war.
what sparked the war in Philippines? U.s.s maine
Theodore Roosevelt led a group to ST. JUAN HILL known as "Rough Riders"
Black soldiers. AKA "Buffalo Soldiers"
Black Hand Terrorist Group
where was the black hand from? Serbia
Central Powers? Germany Austria-Hungary, And Ottoman Empire(turkey)
Allies were... Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy, And eventually U.S
stalemate 1st several months of war
area between 2 armies no man's land
what movement were women active in? Peace movement
Weapons of Industrialization Machine gun;poison gas; flame-thrower
What did the Germans sink? British Liner
German U boats were a method of surprise attacks
General John J. Pershing sent to Europe by us war department (was drafted)
25 thousand women volunteered as nurses,drivers,clerks,telephone,operators and oversea gov't positions
what did the u.s use to protect merchant ships convoy system
doughboys bc buttons on soldiers uniform were dumpling shaped
woodrow wilson cabinet voted unanimously for war
Harlem Hell fighters & who'd they join? group of african american soldiers who joined french forces
Vladimir Lenin made peace w/ germany head of russia was out of war
What was the turning point of the war americans saved paris despite losing about half of its troops during the fighting
willaim t sampson led blockade for spanish fleet into cuba (santiago)
two opposing beliefs of relationships to Britains war loyalists and patriots
represented newly recognized Us when treaty was written Jogn adams.Ben Frank. John jay
Daniel boone
Lewis & CLark
General Winfield Scott Whig Party candidate
Harriet Beecher Stowe author of uncle tom's cabin
Dred Scott slave who sued for freedom but lost
debated stephan douglas on slavery in election for u.s Senate Abe. Lincoln
1860 electee Abe lincoln
john brown hanged for attacking arsenal at HARPERS FERRY
jefferson davis Prez of Confederacy
2 that defended richmond from union capture? Stonewall jackson and Robert E. Lee
what 2 generals were defeated at gettysburg lee& george pickett
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