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mid-term history

history stuff- Greece

homer a poet who wrote epic poems. wrote the Odyssey and the Illiad
aegean sea sea off the coast of greece that seperates Greece and Turkey and persia
peloponesus peninsula off of Greece. City states there: Corinth, Micine, Sparta
Crete An island south of Greece. Main city= Knossus.
Knossus main city of Crete. Place where the Labyrinth and Minotaur legends took place
King Minos King of Minoan. Sent random kids to the Minotaur
City-State a self governed city and surrounding areas
Democracy People rule together
Oligarchy dictators. rule by several people
Tyrant a person who took power by force and rules with an iron hand
Herodotus historian called father of modern history. Wrote about the Persian war
Oracle Shrines where messages from the Gods were received
Delphi Ancient city of Apollo in Greece. Has the oracle of Delphi there, which is an oracle dedicated to Apollo.
Tragedy something sad or bad. Has a bad ending because a hero has a tragic flaw that causes his defeat.
Sophocles Wrote Oedipus Rex. (story where Oedipus marries his mother and kills his father)
Euripides Wrote Trojan Women.
Marathon Field at which the battle of Marathon was fought. 26.2 miles from Greece.
Phidippides A Professional runner. The fastest Athenian runner that ran from Marathon to Athens to tell the Athenians they had won the war, and then he died.
Thermopylae A mountain pass on a Greek mainland where the Persians defeated 300 Spartans but then the Spartans defeated them at the island of Salamis.
Darius Father of Xerxes. Persian king. Lost war at Marathon
Xerxes Son of Darius. He led some of the Persian wars.
Salamis Island Athenians fled to while Athens was being burnt after the battle of Thermopylae
Pericles Leader of Athenians (during the Golden Age only). Died of the plague. Some Greek Historian wrote about how Pericles had a powerful voice and wrote/spoke great speeches.
An Acropolis the highest point in a city
Parthenon Temple designated to Athena on top of the Acropolis. Has 46 columns.
Thucydides Greek Historian who wrote about the end of the Peloponesian War
Philosophy the search for the truth and the meanings of life
Socrates A great Philosopher. Used Socratic method to teach and went to trial and drank poison and then died. Plato's teacher. Came first
Plato Socrates student. Wrote books about socrates. Most famous book, The Republic.
The Acropolis A mountain in the center of Athens. Has many temples and buildings on it. Parthenon on it.
Aristotle Plato's student. Wrote about science and literature in books. Was Alexanders teacher and taught him about science and literature.
Hellenistic Greek Like (not pure Greek but Greek like). Time when Alexander the Great spread Greek culture throughout the places he conquered.
Pythagoras made Pythagorean therum= A squared+B squared= C squared. Mathematician.
Hippocrates first doctor to look for the natural causes in diseases and started the Hippocratic Oath about how doctors should never hurt.
Hellenic pure Greek culture
Agora Market square near the Acropolis where men spent most of their time. you could shop, communicate, and be a part of the assembly.
Sparta slave population was much larger than citizens. Slaves built very strong army.
Spartan Government monarchy but with two kings. the assembly could not propose laws only vote for or against them.
Helots people that farmed the citizens land that the citizens were given by the government.
Spartan culture shaped by the military. not considered as "good" as Athens (art wise)
Athenian culture poetry, pottery, sculptures, literature, strong democracy, more... "artsy" than Sparta.
spartan boys education left their homes at seven to go live in barracks with other boys. learned to read and write and they trained a lot. at night, they slept on the floor in light clothes in order to make them tougher and stronger.
spartan girls education also got physical education in order to have strong children. they practiced: discuss throwing, wrestling, and running.
Athenian boys education 7+:Reading, writing, math, poetry, and dance.
Athenian girls education no education; taught crafts and poetry by their mothers and got married at age 15.
Metics guest worker, foreigner.
Created by: raanderson
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