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SS. Ch. 14


Harappan civilization, which included ancient Mohenjodaro, developed in the: Indus River Valley
How did modern scholars learn that Mohenjodaro had ever existed? Archaeologists
In which year was Mohenjodaro an active settlement? 2550 B.C.E., while the Great Pyramid was being built.
Part of Mohenjodaro was raised and surrounded by a wall. What does this suggest about the city? It had enemies who might attack the residents.
How does it show that Mohenjodaro was carefully planned? Nine streets divided the lower city into blocks.
The discovery of a scale, stone weights, and a marked rod suggests that the people of Mohenjodaro? Had uniform ways to measure.
Where did most of the people of Mohenjodaro live? In the lower city
A war game played in ancient India is thought to be an early form of: Chess
Hardest to answer on basis of artifacts:Mohenjodaro What songs did people sing?
How Mohenjodaro might have dressed? An ancient statue.
Homes in Mohenjodaro had from oen to a dozen rooms. What does thos suggest about the city? Some people were wealthier than others.
Created by: hfac99