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SS. Ch. 10


Important way historians learn about ancient Kush is through: Egyptian tomb wall paintings.
Kush was also called Nubia because of its: Rich Gold mines.
Physical feature most contributed to both of the following in ancient Kush? Nile River
Which event led to Kushites adopting Egyptian life in ancient Kush? Egyptian pharaohs conquered Kush.
What event is the best example of a dynasty? the 15th line of Egyptian rulers
For what achievement is King Piye of Kush remembered? Conquering Egypt
How did Kush regain its independence from Egypt? The New Kingdom Collapsed
What technology enabled Assyria to defeat Kush? Iron weapons
What advantage did Meroe have over Napata as a capitol of Kush? It was farther from Egypt.
Meroe became especially well known for the production of: Iron
Worship of a lion god in Kush reflected which influence on Kushite culture? African
How do records left by the Kushites after their separation from Egypt differ from earlier records of Kush? They are written in a native language called Meroitic.
How did the kandake Queen Amanirenas help protect Kush? She led attacks on Roman forts.
On what body of water was the closest seaport to Napata and Meroe most likely located? Red Sea
Created by: hfac99