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SS. Ch. 9


Why are social classes of ancient egypt described by the shape of a triangle rather than a cube? Most people were in the bottom classes and the fewest people were at the top.
Who built the giant temples of the pharaohs? Peasant farmers during the flood season.
What activity was permitted only to men? working as a scribe.
How did MOST government officials get their jobs? They inherited the position from a family member.
What was an important duty of the vizier? To decide court cases
Best describes the role of a women in religion? They could become priestesses.
Which was in the sanctuary of a temple? A statue of a god.
Why did Egyptians bury some bread and beer with their dad? to feed them in the afterlife
One of the few ways that a boy from a peasant family could rise to a higher social class? attend scribe school
Why did it take many years to become a scribe? there were hundreds of hieroglyphs to learn.
Skilled scribes wrote on papyrus, which was made from what? A plant
Which group had the lowest social status? artisans
In what form did many farmers pay their taxes? Grain
Most peasants lived in what? Mud-brick houses
IN the life of a peasant, which season came next after the flooding season? The planting season
How does the work of ancient Egyptian artisans help us learn today about life in ancient Egypt? They carved and painted scenes of everyday life.
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