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APUSH 1st Final

APUSH 1st Semester Fianl

Which treaty in 1494 divides the new world between Portugal & Spain? Treaty Of Tordesillas
Who claims Florida in 1513? Ponce De Leon
Who explored the Mississippi River Valley in 1539-1542? Hernando Soto
In 1565 Spanish founded the 1st city in Florida which is? City Of St. Augustine
Who explores the coast of California? Sir Francis Drake
In 1584-1587 what is the name of the 1st attempt at an English colony called? Roanoke
In 1607 The British establish a colony with bad land, malaria, rich men, & no gold what was it called? Jamestown Colony
For each adult a person payed passage to this system was known as the? Headright System
In 1608 the 1st French established colony was called? Quebec
In 1614 John Rolfe introduced the cultivation of _______ In Virginia. Tabacco
In 1619 the first _______ slaves were brought to America. African
In 1619 Virginia begins with a representative assembly known as? The House of Burgesses
The _______ ________ was signed in the Plymouth Colony in 1620 and they agreed to rule by majority. Mayflower Compact
In 1624 what did the Dutch founded? New York
In 1629 Massachusetts Bay was founded & was known as the what? The Gov. was Winthrop and they had Bi-cameral legislature & schools City Upon A Hill
Rhode Island is founded by who and was for Religious Tolerance ? Roger Williams
In 1636 what college was found in Rhode Island and what was it's purpose? Harvard & to train young men for the ministry
Maryland was a safe haven for who? Catholics
Mercantialism in 1650-1696 The NAvigation Acts were enacted by parliment to? Limit trade, put tax on items
In 1672 Blue Laws of Connecticut were what? Death codes for disagreeing with parents or bible
In 1676 Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia was? This was the first uprising agaist British Bacon wanted frontier protection from royal Gov. Berkley
William Penn Founded what? This was a safe haven for Quakers and had the 1st library Pennsylvania
In 1682 The North did what kind of things? Set up laws/ codes Brought Families Less land = closeness Social and economic mobility Puritan work ethic. Better relations w/ Indians
In 1682 The South did what kind of things? Depended on crops - kills land Less urbanized Poorer communication, transportation Indian problems Slower defense
In 1689-1713 King William's War was also known as ? The was of the League of Augsburg
In 1692 The Salem ______ Trails happend. Witchcraft
In the 1700's enlightenment was? reason, natural rights, deism (God made the universe but doesn't control it) -John Locke, Adam Smith, Rousseau
Some of the colonies Characteristics were? Bi-cameral legislature Town meetings Mobocracy to oppose authority Courts/law No standing armies White, male, landowneres vote No British troops Legislature - governor is puppet Small, Balanced, Elected
In 1702-1713 Queen Anne's War was also known as? War of Spanish Succession
In 1720-1740 Great Awakening leaders were who and what did they want? George Whitefield, Edwards, Gibbens- threatning - Salvation for alll, exreme piety, Divine Spirit
In 1733 an act that put import tax on molasses, sugar, rum was? Molasses Act - tried to curb trade with French West Indies - not strictly enforced
In 1735 the Zenger Trail what happens? This is ground work of freedom of press 1st Amendment Victory for freedom of press
In 1740-1748 King George's War was also known as? War of the Austrian Succession
In 1754-1763 The French and Indian War -Over Ohio River Valley - trade/settlement -French build forts - Fort Duquesne -& are friendly w/ the Indians -English Gov. Dunwittie has stock in Ohio Land Company-sends George Washington to expel the French
In 1754 Albany Plan of Union was for? Defense fails and shows disunity of colonies
Albany Plan of Union - Colonies Reject -Taxation by colony, crown, and colonial gov. -Southern stated don't want to participate in Northern wars -Representation based on how much money each colony gives -British should be responsible for protection -President not elected
Albany Plan of Union - Crown's Rejection -Colonies make own laws -Colonies have own protection -Colonies have right to declare war
what Happens in the election of 1856? Buchanan defeats Fremont and Fillmore
What is the Dred Scott decision? Slaves are properly to be taken anywhere-allows for slavery in North Missouri compromise unconstitutional
What happens in the Panic of if 1857 Depression, and Buchanan does not d anything about it.
What is John Brown's Raid (1859) Harpers ferry to free slaves
What is the Crittenden Compromise Last attempt at amendment against barring slavery below 36' 30 line--fails
For Succession: North violates rights-doesn't enforce fugitive laws. history-right to abolish a destructive government. MOney from treasury goes northern interests, government for the north. gov takin away property
Against Succession: Not truly free and independent states, agreed to follow majority, gave up rights to join union
What happened in the Civil War: The cilvil war begins at fort sumter, Beauregard fires first shot. necessity knows no law- lincoln increases army, navy, 1st income tax, green backs, no freedom of press or speech, Villangden jailed. confederacy established
Paxton Boy's Rebellion of 1763 dissatisfied about frontier protection in PA
Salutatory Neglect ends in 1763 what is it? Salutary neglect was a British policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws, meant to keep the American colonies obedient to Great Britain
In 1764 how did England benefit from sugar imports to America? Pay Their debt
What did the acts in 1764 result? -Cut Molasses Act in Half Objection -1st diresct tax - "No taxation w/o representation"
What did the Confederacy Constitution include? No protective tariffs, states could impeach federal officers, slavery protected, no federal funded improvements, states supreme, 2/3 house to appropriate money(problem)
In 1765 The Stamp Act did what? - tax on printed materials to "keep troops in colonies" -colonist don't want standing army -Sons of Liberty enforce non-importation -Stamp act congress -> Protest stamp act -we buy only from England, and deserve equal privleges
what is Ex Parte Marryman? Lincoln suspends habeas corpus and passes martial law in Maryland-Taney says only congress can suspend suspend Habeas Corpus.
Pacific RR Act-1862 Partially fed funded gave land for RR
The Quartering Act if 1766 made colonies? support British troops
The townshend Act - tax lead, paint, paint, paper, glass, tea -colonies react by non-importation, Samuel Adams Circular letter -Governor of Mass suspends legislature
What is the 10 percent plan? lenient plan must plan allegiance 1863
Sand Creek Massacre Chivington attacks defenseless indian village 1864
1865 Civil War ends Lee surrenders to grant at Appomattox, VA
What's Johnson's amnesty plan? pardons almost all confederates
what is the 13th amendment? abolishes slavery
What is Ex parte Milligan military courts cant try civilians when civil courts are open
1867- what is grange? organization formed by kelly for social educational reform for the farmer--farmers face deflation debt, drought depression
In 1770 two massacre events were? The Boston Massacre & Golden Hill Massacre in NY
In 1772 Samuel Adams organize the what>? Committees of Correspondence
What was the Gaspee Incident? British ship burned- attempt to collect taxes
The Tea Act in 1773 results price of goes up "taxes" - gives England a monopoly & Boston Tea party - dump tea into sea
In 1774 The intorable acts were to punish who for what? Boston for the tea party
Boston Port Act closes Bostons port
Massachusetts Government Act? No town meetings, no trial by jury, military rule, Quartering Act -Quebec added to Ohio Valley
What happens in the 1st continental congress in Philly? -Moderate don't want to split from England **-Demand rights to Englishmen(Virginia Resolutions) -Joseph Galloway- Plan of Union- council with delegates from colonies, president by Crown-rejected -Declaration of Rights and Resolves- Reject intolerable a
1775 Battles of Lexington and Concord English vs. US
Second Continental Congress -More Radical -Issued "Declaration of Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms" -Appoint George Washington as commander -Oliver Branch Petition -last attempt to reconcile- rejected
In 1775 R.H. Lee's Resolutions stated should be independent states
1867-What are the the reconstruction acts? divide south into 5 military units protect black voting, est new constitutions.
What is the tenure of office act-1868? pres cant remove any appointed official without senate consent declared unconstitutional -- congress cant take away powers from pres
what it the 14th amendment-1868? all persons born naturalized within US citizens are citizens equal protection
what is the 15t amendment 1870? right to vote cannot be determined by race, color, etc
What are the force acts 1870? to protect the constitutional rights guaranteed to blacks by the 14th amendment and 15th
1873 what are the slaughterhouse cases? 14th amendment Am doesnt place fed govt under obligation to protect basic rights concerning monopolies.
In 1776 what did America do? Declaration of Independence
Causes of declaration... Thomas Paine "Common Sense Battle of Long Island and Trenton
The Battle of Saratoga in 1777 resulted Turning point in Revolution
In 1777 Because of Dickinson congress adopts The articles of Confed.
Articles of Confed. had independent states, have some duties and restrictions, each state one vote, Individual states can't enter into alliances w/ foreign states, Can't enter alliances or hold treaties w/o consent of congress and union for defense, delegates appointed annually, freedom of speec/debate, Can't wage war w/o consent, Money in treasury depends on value of land, Can't control trade
The transcontinental treaty Got Florida from Spain - Jackson invades, romove Spanish threat
Panic of 1817 land speculation, banks can't pay loans of Bank of US = bank runs
McCulloch v. Maryland-
1820 Missouri Compromise Maine admitted as free state and Missouri a slave state but no slavery north of Missouri
Land Act reduced price of lan and encouraged development
1822 Cumberland Road Bill to build roads & Monroe vetos it
1823 Monroe Doctrine declared No future colonization of this hemisphere
Treaty w/ Russia got everything under 54th parallel
1824 Election John Quincy Adams(Rep) defeats Andrew Jackson (Rep) & Clay (Rep) Jackson's "Corrupt Bargain"
Gibbons v. Ogden interstate trade controlled by fed. courts
1825 what canal is opened Erie canal
In 1826 Panama Conference (PAN American) Congress doesn't send ambassador to avoid slavery issue
182 Tariff of Abominations protective - south opposes
South Carolina expositions and Protest - by Calhoun reaffirms right of state to nullify
what happened in the 1872 Credit Mobilier Scandal? stock holders of RR construction company overcharge gov for job.
Civil Rights Acts 1875: gave blacks equal rights
!876 Battle of bighorn? custer killed
What is US v. Reese allows voting qualifications literacy test, poll tax, grandfather clause
What is Munn v. Illinois 1877? if in interest of public good, than states can regulate prices reasonably
in the Election of 1828 what does Jackson promise to limit executive power, internal improvements, lower debt
In 1829 Marysville Road Bill Veto Only withing Kentucky
1829 Webster (nationalist) - Hayne (states rights) Debate Began over Tariff of Abominations
When did The 2nd Great Awakening happend? 1830's
1831 The liberator begins publication abolitionist become vocal -Nat Turner
What did Cyrus McCormick invent the reaper
1831-1838 Trail of Tears Southern Indian removed to Oklahoma
Tariff of 1832 raised tariffs again & calhoun resigns
Force Bill allows president to do what is necessary to enforce tariff
Ordinance of Nullification South Carolina nullifies tariff - Clay negociates and reduces tariff
Andrew Jackson vetos Bank of US they recharter it
Department of Indian _____ established. affairs
Seminole war w/ ________ begins. Indians
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia Fed. govt. has control, Not Georgia
Agreement w/ _________ to open West Indies ports Britain
1833 Roger Taney removes federal funds from Bank of US by order thinks bank is unconstitutional
Andrew Jackson was president from what time? 1828-1836
what is the compromise of 1877? Hays becomes president troops withdraw from south.
1878 What is Hall v. DeCuir? Allowed segregation
What is the Bland-Allison Act 1878? coined limited number of silver
what is the treaty of 1878? get rights to pago, samoa
1778 Treaty of Alliance it is beween the US and france sends navy and army
What is the treaty of peace 1783? us violated the articles of confederation, independence recognized, granted fishing rights, loyalist restitutions of property, Britain withdraws from forts (not really) free navigation of mississippi.
what is the land ordinance 1785? government responsible over territory
what is the treaty of hopewell 1785? ends hostilities with cherokee
what is Shay's rebellion 1786? depression no market no hard currency farmers poor
what is the annapolis convention 1786? agreement between states fails
1787 what is the constitutional convention in philadelphia? it was to revise articles.
What was included in the constitution? 1. house of reps: sole power to impeach, bill revenue, senate-try impeachements congress-tax, excese, duties, commerce regulation, declare war, raise army 2. executive-commander, make treaties with consent, appoint judges 3. supreme court-look next!
1835-1836 Texas War for Indy. "Lone Star Republic"
Specie Circular western land must be paid by hard currency
Election of 1836 Harrison (Whig) defeated by Van Burden (demo.)
In 1837 US recognizes the Republic of _____. Texas
What college enrolls its first women students? Oberlin
Charles Bridge v. Warren Bridge only strict interpretation of contract
Panic of 1837 in part due to Jackson's withdrawal of funds from Bank of US Van Burden does nothing
1938-1839 Aroostook "War" bloodless boundary dispute between Maine and New Brunswick
1840 Indy. Treasury System constructs vaults to hold fed. $$
Election of 1840 Harrison (whig) defeats Van Buren -Harrison dies b/c of pneumonia & VP John Tyler becomes president
Democrats Jackson, Calhoun, Van Buren, Benton "Republicns" Against monopolies and privilege Decrease tariff For state rights
Whigs Clay, Webster, John Quincy Adams, Harrison "Federalist" For national power; Bank of US Increase in tariffs Internal improvements
Tyler was a democrat in ______ clothing. Whigs
In 1841 the Independent Treasury Act was repealed
In 1841 ______ vetos the recharder of Bank of US Tyler
Preemption Bill to disribute money from sale of western land to states - bill defeated
1842 Tariff Bill raised back to 1832 status
Dorr Rebellion Rhode Island rebellion agaist land qualifications for voting - tyler puts down
1839 Webster - Ashburton Treaty ends boundary dispute
1842 Oregon Trail migration
Election of 1844 Polk (Dem) defeats clay (whig) and birney (Liberty-anti slavery)
1845 Taxes annexation bill by tyler- permits admission of texas and florida
In 1846 Elias Howe invented? sewing machine
1846-1848 Mexican american war General Taylor provokes Mexicans by moving into disputed Rio Grande/Neuces River -3 part plan to take over mexico - decide against
constitution contd 3. supreme court-original jurisdiction 4. protection against invasion, domestic and foreign 5. 2/3 of both houses to amend constitution
What is the great compromise? 1878 bi-cameral legislature (equality in senate popular in house) 3/5 compromise
what is judiciary act? 1789 establish courts beneath supreme court
What was in the bill of rights? 1791 10 rights
What is hamilton's program? 1791 debt is good, tie interests of rich, promote home manufacturing, alliance with britain.
Slidell Mission Slidell sent to negotiation -rejected by Mexico
1846, 1847 Wilmot Provisto no slavery in new states formed from Mexico land - reject
54" 40' or Flight Get Oregon below 49th paralle
Walker Tariff Bill lowered tariff
1847 Polk doctrine resurrection of Monroe Doctrine concerning admittiting new states into union
1848 Trist Mission Trist negociates Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
What are the benefits of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? got territories of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, & Wyoming *Gold was discovered in Cali
**Womens Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls in NY headed by Mott and Stanton
Election of 1848 Taylor (whig) defeats (DEm. father of pop. sovereignty)& Van Burden (Free Soil - abolitionist) - Taylor dies (1850)- Millard Fillmore VP
Clay's Compromise of 1850 passes as separate acts during Fillmore- but violated -California as free state -Other areas-popular soverignity -US takes Texas banned in Washington -Fugitive slave law strengthened
Commodore Mathew Perry opens ______ to US trade. Japan
Who won in the electionof 1852? Pierce (demo)
1853 Gadsden Purchased buy land from Mexico to build RR
Uncle Toms Cabit stowe
TheKansas-Nebraska Act passed to create two states for a RR to go west - slavery in states determined by pop. sovereignty - North fears overturn of Missouri Compromise
New England Emigrant Aid Society into kansas/ Nebraska territory
1854-1859 Bleeding Kansas Topeka (free soilers) govt. vs. recogizes new govt.
1856 Lawerence Mob Violency Abolitionist materials burned
Pottawatomine Massacre John Brown kills four pro-slavery ppl
what is the whiskey rebellion? 1794 poor farmers dont want to pay excise tax wash uses trops to put them down
what is the pickney's treaty 1794? it is with spain free navigation of mississippi river right of deposit at new orleans
what is the XYZ affair? 1796 france attacks Am ships and makes unreasonable demands no money no war
What are the alien and sedition acts 1798-1799 virginia and kentucky resolutions gave states right to nullify if unconstitutional anti alien and sedition acts
what was the fries uprising 1799? oppose federal tax on property
what is the logan act? 1799 citizen cant represent gov
what is the convention of 1800? hamilton negotiate with france we pay to Am attacked by france
what is mabury v madison? 1803 supreme court declares parts of the judiciary act of 1789supremem court could declare law unconstitutional and pwers of court only given in constitution
what is the 12th amendment? 1804 separate ballots for president and VP
What is essex junto 1804 federalist organization in New England attempts to succeed
what is the embargo act? 1807 stop exports no war, no impressment- federalist object to cut off trade
what is fletcher v pack 1810? action of state can be declared unconstitutional
what is battle of tippecanoe? 1811 harrison defeats indian tecumseh who made alliance with indians for defense
What is the war of 1812? to protest trade, stop impressment, protect mercantilism
1814 what is treaty of ghent? ends war with a status quo, era of good feelings begins
1814 what is the hartford convention? federalist against the war of 1812 and mercantile practices of madison
what was the american colonization soceity? 1816 they wanted to relocate free blacks to liberia
What is Henry Clay's american system? 1916 federally founded domestic improvements and protective tarriffs
1817 what is rush-bagot disarmament? between us and britain to get fishing rights
what is the convention of 1818? enforcement of fishing rights N. Louisiana boundary at 49 parallel
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