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STR TX History

1st Semester

What affects the weather in the coastal Plains region? Gulf of Mexico
Generally, what is the weather like in Texas? hot summers and mild winters
Why did the Spanish build missions in the Americas? They wanted to convert the Indians into Cathlocism
When did Cortes conquer the Aztecs? 1521
What did Pineda contribute to Texas History? He was the first European to map the Texas coast
What were the effects of spanish exploration on Texas and the Native Americans? The Spanish introduced diseases, it gave Spanish claim to the land, and provided more knowledge about the area
What was the purpose of the misson system? To convert the Indians,have them adopt the Spanish way of life, and to strengthen their hold on Texas
What major event caused the United States and New spain to become neighbors? Louisiana Purchase
In what year did Mexico gain its independence from Spain? 1821
What caused a population explosion in Texas Land grants given by the Mexican Government (know that it did NOT cause a scarcity of resources)
Put the following in order: Austin's arrest in Mexico City, Mier y Teran report, Fredonian Rebellion, Decree of April 6, 1830 Fredonian Rebellion, Mier y Teran report, Decree of April 6, 1830, Austin's arrest in Mexico City.
What was the purpose of the Turtle Bayou Resolutions? To explain why they attacked the troops at Anahuac
What were the settlers most concerned about in regards to the Law of April 6, 1830? They thought that it would threaten their prosperity.
What rights were given to the settlers by the Mexican federal Constitiution of 1824? Elect polititians, have liberty, posses property
When did the Texas colonists declare independence? 1836
What did the following people do: Bowie, Childress, DeZavala, Fannin Bowie- co. commanded the troops at the Alamo, Childress- wrote the declaration of independence (TX) DeZavala- one of the delegates at the Convention of 1836 Fannin-commanded the troops at Goliad
What is a bachelor's degree? A degree you earn after completing 4 years at an accreditted college.
What must you do to be admitted to a college or university? You must have your SAT or ACT score, transcript, and application
Why did Spanish explorers think there was gold in Texas? They heard rumors about Cibola
Why did east Texasbecome important to the Spanish? The French were exploring Texas
Why did La Salle keep his plans to build a settlement secret? He thought s settlement near Texas would anger the Spanish
What were built to protect missions? Presidios
What were missions built near? rivers
Where were the most successful missions built? along the San Antonio River
What is the Grito de Delores speech? It sparked the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.
Why did Spain allow Americans to settle in Texas? To boost the European population
What was the disputed area inbetween the U.S. and Spain called? neutral ground
What was the name of the army formed by Gutierrez and Magee? The Republican Army of the North
Why did settlers come to Texas? Land was cheap and plentiful, goodfarming and hunting, plenty of water
Why was it difficult to buy land in the U.S. by 1820? Land was expensive and monet was scarce
What was significant about Estevanico? First documented African to step on Texas soil.
Who lived in Cibola? Zuni Indians
What did the Turk contribute to Spanish exploration? He mislead Coronado on a search for Quivera
What effects did the horse have on Native Americans? It made them nomadic and made them better hunters and fighters
Why was Texas important to Spain? It served as a buffer between the Indians and Mexico
How were the American Indians affected by Spanish exploration? They died from disease.
What was the Columbian Exchange? The exchange of: *animals, disease, and crops *wine, horses, food betwee Spain and the New World.
What resource did Moscoso Alvarado find? oil
What were the actoins of Colonel Piedras at the Conflict of Anahuac? Released Travis and removed Bradburn from hi post.
What did the Declaration of November 7, 1835 say to Mexico? They were loyal to them, but if Santa Anna doesn't restore the Constitution of 1824, they would create and new government.
What were Santa Anna's feelings towrd the rebels after the Alamo? He thought he had won the war.
What was the Constitution of 1836 modeled after? U.S. Constitution
What was written on the flag at Gonzales? Come and Take It
What did the Texans do after the Battle of Gonzales? Attacked Goliad
In the Declaration of November 7, 1835 Texan delegates pledged their loyalty to who? Mexico
Define interim. temporary
What was the Runaway Scrape? When everyone fled eastward to avoid Sant Anna
What did Houston do after the fall of the Alamo? He retreated
What did Houston do with his troops in the time between the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto? He trained his troops
How long did the battle of San Jacinto last? 18 minutes
How did Bowie feel about defending the Alamo? He would rather die while doing it.
Who was Susanna Dickenson? A person who survived the Alamo and told the Texas army what Santa Anna was doing
How did Texans respond to Santa Anna's demand for surrender at the Alamo? They fired a cannon
What is the meaning behing the blood red flag? There will be no survivors
What happened to Sam Houston during the Battle of San Jacinto? a rifle shattered his ankle
Explaiin the contributions made by the following explorers: Cortes, LaSalle, Moscoso, Pineda, Onate Cortes- defeated the aztecs and found gold LaSalle- built the first French settlement in Texas Moscoso- found oil Pineda- mapped the texas coast Onate- built the first Spanish settlement in Texas
What is a firat person account? Would it be good for research? A person who was actually at the event. Yes, because they were aually there and saw what happened.
What influence did Cortes conquering of the Aztec have on exploration? Other explorers thought they could also find more gold in Texas
What was the El Camino Real A highwas that ran from City through San Jacinto into East Texas
What was the relationshi between the Spanish and the Comanche? The Spanish befriended the Comanche to drive the Apache out of Texas
Why did the Spanish missoins fail? They were toofar from Mexico City, there were Indian raids, and there weren' enough supplies
Created by: kirbylovergirl
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