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SS Chapter 5

Texas Colonies and Conflicts

Why did a revolution take place in Mexico? Many Mexicans were tired of unfair taxes and laws.
Why is the revolution in Mexico important in Texas history? Texas was part of Mexico during the time of the revolution.
What did Moses Austin ask the Spanish governor for? Permission to start a new colony in Texas.
Why did Stephen F. Austin end up carrying out his father's plan? Moses Austin died.
What are three things we know about Gail Borden? 1. His condensed milk made him healthy. 2. He started a newspaper in Texas. 3. He and his wife gave money to schools.
What did the Austin colonists use to make their furniture? Nearby trees.
Why are cash crops grown? To be sold at a market.
What was unusual about Martin de Leon's colony in Texas? It was the only one that was almost entirely Mexican.
How did vaqueros contribute to the Texas economy? They traded cattle for needed supplies.
How did vaqueros spend most of their days? Riding horses
What do we know about Anglo American settlers in Texas? They spoke English.
How were Anglo Americans and Mexican settlers alike? They both wanted the settlers to make money on their crops.
Why did the Texas colonists gather in San Felipe de Austin for a convention in October 1832? They wanted Mexico to allow U.S. citizens to immigrate to Texas again.
Why did Stephen F. Austin want Texas to become a state within Mexico? So Texas could make some of their own decisions.
Why did Stephen F. Austin travel to Mexico City from Texas? To meet with Santa Anna.
What did Stephen F. Austin want to discuss with Santa Anna? Plans for solving problems faced by Texas colonists.
What was "el grito de Dolores," and how did it help start a revolution? "El grito de Dolores" was a speech that Father Hidalgo gave. It called for a government that would be fair to all people. This demand started a revolution.
In the Austin colony, what jobs did family members share? What jobs belonged to children, men, or women? The whole family plowed fields and planted crops. Men hunted deer and wild game. Women weeded the gardens, sewed clothes, made candles, and cooked. Children milked cows, gathered eggs, and fed livestock.
How were vaqueros important in Texas history? Texans learned to be cowboys from watching vaqueros. Cowboys adopted their clothing, traditions, and equipment.
Why do you think the Mexican government required citizens to be Roman Catholic? The Spanish government used Roman Catholic missions to establish their claim in this region. The government and Roman Catholic church had always worked together in this culture.
Created by: jennifer harper