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JCSD1 WyConstitution

Substitute Wyoming Constitution Study Guide

In regard to political equality, Wyoming was a pioneer in what respect? It first gave suffrage to women.
According to the preamble, what was the fundamental purpose of the convention which framed the Constitution of Wyoming? To secure and perpetuate civil, political and religious liberty.
What are the constitutional provisions regarding religion? (a) No religious test shall ever be applied to voting or holding office; (b) The exercise of any religious faith shall not be interfered with; (c) No public money shall be appropriated for any society or institution under religious control.
What is meant by treason against the state? Levying war against it; or aiding, comforting and adhering to its enemy.
Can private property be taken for public use without the owner's consent? Yes, under the state's power of eminent domain, if the owner is given due compensation.
To whom do the unoccupied and unappropriated lands within Wyoming belong? The United States Government.
How is the Constitution of Wyoming amended? An amendment must be passed by a two-thirds vote of each house and at the next regular election be approved by a majority of those voting in the general election.
What are the qualifications of a voter? He/She must be 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States, and must have complied with the registration laws.
What is the requirement regarding registering to vote? A citizen must be registered according to law before he/she can vote in any general or special election.
When are general elections held? On the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of all even numbered years.
How may voters who are absent from home or unable to get to their voting places cast their ballots? By requesting an absentee ballot from the county clerk.
What are two of the provisions in the Constitution regarding ballots? The names of all candidates for the same office are to appear on the same ballot, and balloting is to be secret.
What are the three departments of the state government and the duty of each? Legislative - to make laws. Executive - to enforce them. Judicial - to interpret them.
What is the constitutional limitation on terms of office of the five (5) state elected officials? State officials can serve only two (2) terms.
What officers are subject to impeachment? The Governor and other state officers except Justices of the peace.
What makes up the legislative branch? The legislature of the State of Wyoming, which is composed of a senate and house of representatives.
When are members of the legislature elected? When do they take office? They are elected on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even numbered years and take office the first Monday in January.
What is the term of office of the members of each house? Senate-four years. House of Representatives-two years.
Give the qualifications for a state senator. He or she must be 25 years old, a citizen of the United States and of Wyoming, and must have lived for at least 12 months preceding his/her election in the county or district from which he/she is chosen.
Give the qualifications for a state representative. He or she must be 21 years old, a citizen of the United States and of Wyoming, and must have lived for at least 12 month preceding his/her election in the county or district from which he/she is chosen.
What limitations are placed on members of Legislature as to salary and the holding of other offices? They may not hold any office except that of notary public or office in the militia, and their salary cannot be increased during their term of office.
When does the legislature meet? At 12:00 o'clock noon the second Tuesday of January succeeding the general election. They may meet on the second Tuesday of January of even - numbered years for a budget session, or when an extra session is called by the Governor.
Where does the Legislature meet? At the State Capitol Building in Cheyenne.
What is the limitation on the length of sessions of the Legislature? Not to exceed forty days in odd numbered years and twenty days in even numbered years.
Who are the presiding officers of each house? A president in the Senate and a Speaker in the House, each elected by the respective houses.
How does a bill pass the legislature? A bill must be passed in identical form by a majority vote of both house.
What is meant by a quorum? what is a quorum of the Legislature? A quorum is the number necessary to transact business. A majority of each house constitutes a quorum.
What are two constitutional provisions regulating the procedure for passing bills? Each bill may contain only one subject, and no bill may become law which has not been referred to a committee and printed for use of the legislators.
What types of bills may not be passed by the Legislature? Special, local, or private bills.
Where must revenue bills originate? In the House of Representatives.
What is the provision regarding the amendment of laws? In order to amend any law, the law must be rewritten. Amendment cannot be made by referring to the title only
What is the constitutional provision regarding logrolling? in Legislature? An agreement to vote for a certain bill in exchange for a vote for another bill is to be considered as bribery and is punishable as such.
Who has general power to fix salaries within the state? The Legislature.
In whom is executive power vested? The Governor.
Give the qualification for Governor? Must be a citizen of the United States, qualified elector of the state, 30 years old, and must have been a resident the five years preceding his/her election within the state.
What are the principal powers of the Governor? To execute faithfully all laws, to sign bills and resolutions, to grant pardons, reprieves and commutations, to call special sessions of the Legislature, to make appointments to fill vacancies, to veto bills.
What is the "Governor's Message? At the beginning of each session of the Legislature, the Governor brings a message advising the legislators as to the condition of affairs in the state and recommending legislation.
What is the veto provision in the Wyoming Constitution? The Governor is given the right to veto, and the veto can be overridden by a two-thirds vote of both houses.
What is the special provision regarding the veto of appropriation bills? Any item of an appropriation bill may be vetoed.
Who is the commander-in-chief of the militia. The Governor.
What are the elective executive offices other than that of Governor? Secretary of State; State Treasurer; State Auditor; State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Who takes the place of the Governor in case the Governor is unable to act? The Secretary of State.
Give the names of the five elective state officers. GOVERNOR – Matt Mead SECRETARY OF STATE - Max Maxfield TREASURER - Joseph B. Meyer AUDITOR – Cynthia Cloud SUPT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION – Cindy Hill
What is the term of office of each of the elective officers? The term of office is four years.
When do elective county and state officers take over their offices? The first Monday in January next following their election.
What is the oath of office? who is required to take it? All county and state officers must take an oath to perform the duties of the office to the best of their ability and to support the Constitution of the State and of the United States.
What are the general duties, term of office and method of selection of the State Engineer? The State Engineer is appointed for a term of six years by the Governor with the consent of the Senate. He has general supervision of the waters of the state.
What office has general supervision of the schools of the state? The Superintendent of Public Instruction.
What happens to the income from the permanent land income fund? It is distributed to the public school districts in the state.
What are the duties of the Board of Land Commissioners? This board has charge of the sale and leasing of lands belonging to the state.
What is the State Board of Control? The State Board of Control is made up of the State Engineer and superintendents of four water divisions. It has general control of waters of the state.
What is a franchise? A franchise is a privilege granted an individual or corporation to carry on some line of public service usually within a municipality.
Who has the power to grant franchises to public service corporations to operate within the towns and cities? The properly constituted authority of the town and the city.
What is the constitutional provision regarding monopolies? Monopolies are forbidden.
What corporations are declared by the Constitution to be common carriers? All corporations engaged in the transportation of persons, property, mineral oils and mineral products, news or intelligence, including railroad, telegraph, express, pipe line and telephone companies are declared to be common carriers.
What is the constitutional provision regarding freight and passenger rates on railroads? Generally, they cannot discriminate between different users.
Of whom does the State Militia constist? Of all able bodied male citizens of the state between the ages of eighteen and forty-five except those lawfully exempted.
In what manner is the permanent location of Wyoming state institutions determined? By vote of the people.
Name and locate the principal state institutions which are set up in the Constitution. a. Capitol, Cheyenne b. University of Wyoming, Laramie c. Wyoming State Hospital, Evanston d. Penitentiary, Rawlins
Who has charge of the general administration of the University of Wyoming? The University Board of Trustees.
What three persons are ex-officer members of the University Board of Trustees? The State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the President of the University, and the President of the Student Body.
For whom must free public school be provided? Children and youth of the state between the ages of six and twenty-one.
What is the permanent school fund, and from what source is it derived? The permanent school fund is derived from the sale and lease of school lands and from other sources.
What disposition is made of the permanent school fund? The permanent school fund is to be invested in school district, county, state and United States bonds, and farm loans. The income from the permanent fund is distributed to the school districts.
What disposition is to be made of fines collected in the state? They are to be distributed for the support of public schools.
What is the constitutional provision regarding religious instruction in the schools? No sectarian instruction shall be tolerated in schools of any grade or character controlled by the state, nor shall attendance be required at any religious service nor shall any sectarian tenet or doctrine be taught or favored in public schools.
What constitutes the judicial branch? The Supreme Court, district courts, county courts, justices of the peace, and other courts which may be established by the Legislature.
What is the number and term of office of justices of the Supreme Court? There are five Justices of the Supreme Court. Their term is eight years.
Name the Justices of the Supreme Court. Who is Chief Justice? CHIEF JUSTICE - Barton R. Voigt JUSTICE - E. James Burke JUSTICE - Marilyn S. Kite JUSTICE - Michael Golden JUSTICE - William U. Hill
What is done when a judge of the Supreme Court is interested personally in a case? One of the district judges is invited to sit in his/her place.
What is the term of office of the district judges? District judges are elected for six years.
Give an example of a case in which a district court would have appellate jurisdiction. Any case appealed from inferior courts as provided by law is an example.
What is the jury system? The constitution guarantees a trial by jury in all criminal cases.
What is the constitutional provision regarding bail? It shall not be excessive and shall be granted in all except capital cases.
Who has the power to pass on the naturalization of foreigners in Wyoming? The district court.
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