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Sumerians Part II

Mr. Collar soc

Early Sumerian settlers came from The Northern Highlands
The Sumerian settlements were well planned and carefully chosen
Gres well in the irrigation soil Wheat and Barley
The people had built dams and irrigation in the entire area Settlement was on the Delta Plain
Sumerian plows had a funnel attached that dropped seeds in the furrows made by the plow
From the grains people made cakes, loaves of bread and porridge
Besides grains, Sumerians ate cucumbers, melons, peas, lettuce, onions, garlic, plums, dates
Fishing and farming were important jobs in Sumer
Most Sumerian homes were made of mud, brick, and had on one room and was covered with a flat roof
Every city had a few board streets, public square and a market place
Most Sumerians wore sheep skin kilt with fleece outside
Wool cloth was traded for wood, minerals, and other raw materials Sumers lacked.
Created by: laxcoach1