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Social S.

social stidies

King Charles 11 gave away large plots of land which helped many of the ------ and -------- colonies to get started. Middle and Southern
The region with the largest growing season was the -------- Southern
---------- of Puritan rules in Massachusettes were forced to leave there colony. Dissenters
Different --------- beliefs made one New England colony different from another. Religious
What helped the importance of the locations of the Georgia colony? It helped protect the other colonies from Spanish attack.
Why were the New England colonies of Rhode Island and Connecticut founded? Both were founded for religious freedom for all.Connecticut also was founded for greater political freedom.
----- and -------- were the colonies the French founded as a result of searching for the Northwest Passage. Quebec and Montreal
When the Dutch were searching for the Northwest Passage they took control of the ------ River Hudson
Trading ------ --- contributed most to the growth and success of Quebec. Beaver Fur
What was the result of the Europeans' search for the Northwest Passage? They did not find it because it did not exist.
How did the Dutch plan the growth of New Amsterdam? They asked people from all over Europe to come and settle there.
------- ------ was the first English colony. Roanoke Island
The type of government established in Jamestown was ---- ---------. Self government
The English wanted colonies in North America so that they could find ---- and other recources. Gold
The Spanush were greatly angered when --- ------- ----- raided their ships. Sir Francis Drake
In order to avoid starvation the Jamestown settlers....... farmed the land and dug wells
What events led to the dissaperance of the colony of Roanoke Island? John White reterned to England for supplise.He could not retern for 3 years because England was at war with Spain.When he reterned to Roanoke Island the people had dissapered.
Why was tobacco important to Jamestown? Tabacco became Jamestown 1st cash crop and it helped to make a profit and helped the settlement to thrive.
The Pilgrims chose to leave their homeland so that they could practice thier --------. Religion
The Pilgrims faced difficulties of -------,------,and ------ at Plymouth. Disease,hunger,and winter
The Puritans sent a small group of colonist ahead of the others so they could start a ------. colony
The --------- helped the pilgrims survive at Plymouth colony. Wampanaog
The pilgrims went to Plymouth because a ----- blew their ---- off course. Storm ship
Why did the pilgrims celebrate Thanksgiving and why did they invite the Wampanoag to celebrate with them. They had survived and had plintiful crops.The Wampanoag had helped them.
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