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Renaissance Art test

who made the doors to the baptistry in rome ghiberity
who made the dome to the florence cathedral brunileschi
school of athens raphael
madona and the magnificant botticelli
primavera botticelli
birth of venus botticelli
venus and mars botticelli
what did plato study ideas were more than the phisical world
what did aristotle study he observed the natural world
perspective creates the illusion of three dimentional space on a flat painted surface
alba madona raphael
what is a madona a painting with just mary and baby jesus
who in paintings is always in fur john the baptist
st george and the dragon raphael
foreshortening raphael made the rear of the horse larger than its frontand is shorter. this art technique is forshortening
the triumph of galatea raphael
dolphins are good luck
Created by: torilane13