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Absolute Rulers

Information on the Rulers of Chapter 17

RulerWhat he/she Did
Charles V Inherited Crown of Spain and was heir to Austrian Hapsburgs; gave up empire and divided it between brother Ferdinand and son Phillip II
Phillip II Sought to expand Spanish influence, strengthen Catholic Church, and make his power absolute; battled English fleet in Spanish Armada and lost
Louis XIV Ruled with divine right; took sun as symbol of absolute power; appointed intendents to collect taves and carry out policies; lived in beautiful, large palace of Versailles; spent too much money on costly overseas wars
Henry VIII Broke with the ROman Catholic church to form the Anglican Church; consulted parliament frequently for money; used up funds fighting overseas wars
Elizabeth I Consulted and controlled Parliament; had great skill in handling Parliament; became a popular and successful leader
Charles I Dissolved Parliament in 1629 and ruled w/out it for 11 years; Parliament became known as the long parliament, and met on and off until 1653; arrested radical Parliament leaders, but they escaped and started their own army; executed by Parliament
Maria Theresa Capable and intelligent ruler in line to rule the Hapsburgs; appealed to Hungary for military appeal in order to fight Frederick II; reorganized bureaucracy, improved tax collection, and forced nobles and clergy to pay taxes
Frederick II Trained in the art of war from an early age, but preffered playing the flute and writing poetry; seized the rich Hapsburg province of Silesia from Maria Theresa; "Frederick the Great"
Peter the Great Bent on living a western life; sent out to study western technology, explored European cities, noted Western behavior, brought back new clothes to Russia; most autocratic Russian ruler; improved education, simplified alphabet, taught math + science
Catherine the Great Efficient, energetic empress; reorganized provincial govt., codified laws, and began state-sponsored education; encouraged French language; wrote histories and plays; won war against Ottoman empire and achieved warm-water port
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