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Seitz Rev. War

Revolutionary War Facts and Definitions

Who spoke out against "taxation without representation? Patrick Henry
What were the names of colonists that went against the king during the American Revolution? Patriots
What were the names of people who remained loyal to the kind of England and the laws of that country? Loyalist
What was the name for the tax on paper, books, newspaper,and playing cards? Stamp Act
What was the name for the tax on glass, paint, tea? Townshend Act
Who won the Battle of Yorktown? Continental Army
In what state did the battle of Yorktown take place? Virginia
Who wrote the declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
In what war did America gain its independence from England? American Revolution
What famous Virginian rode on horseback through the night to warn Thomas Jefferson that the British were coming to arrest him? Jack Jouett
Who was the slave that served in the Continental Army and was then granted his freedom? James Armistead Lafayette
Who was the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army? George Washington
What were the names of the people who did not take any sides or have a particular opinion during the war? neutral
Who is the father of the Constitution? James Madison
Who is the father of the Country? George Washington
Created by: Seitz