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warms ups

306. What was the purpose of the head right system in Georgia? It distributed Indian lands to new settlers.
307. What scandal took place when Georgia’s governor and some legislators were bribed to sell public land to private developers at below-market prices? Yazoo land fraud
308. Why did Georgia give up land claims in what are now Mississippi and Alabama? The federal government paid millions to settle the Yazoo land fraud and disputed Georgia’s right to the land.
309. What caused confusion over land ownership in Georgia after the Revolutionary War? Lands were taken from the Tories, given away, returned to Tories, and taken again.
310. How many acres of land could the head of a family receive under the headright system? 1,000 acres
311. What system replaced the headright system as a way of allocating land? land lottery
312. Which was NOT a provision of the land lottery? Only men could participate
313. Who was Georgia’s governor during the Yazoo land fraud? George Mathews
314. Which was NOT a result of the Yazoo land fraud? Those who bought the land made large profits from its eventual sale
315. The Yazoo land fraud occurred because land companies bribed members of the legislature so they could buy land cheaply.
316. Problems related to Georgia’s western land were settled when Georgia gave up land to the federal government.
317. To whom did Georgia’s governor and members of its General Assembly sell the land between the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers, resulting in the Yazoo land fraud? land companies
318. Why was Georgia unable to refund the money it received from the sale of the Yazoo lands? Many people who bought the land wanted to keep it
Created by: MckenzieParlier