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Motor Assessments

Dexterity tests

Developed to evaluate dexterity of patients with disabilities Nine Hole Peg Test
consists of a 5" square wooden board with 9 holes and corresponding pegs NIne Hole Peg Test
test consists of measuring time to place and remove pegs with each hand Nine Hole Peg Test
Advantage of Nine Hole Peg test quick to administer
Disadvantage of Nine Hole Peg Test not very good test/retest reliability
developed to evaluate functional capabilities Jebsen Test of Hand Function
Disadvantage of Jebsen doesn't address proximal UE
7 timed items on the Jebsen o –writing a sentence, turning over a 3x5 card, picking up small common objects, stacking checkers, simulating eating, moving empty cans, moving heavy cans
Designed to measure the manual dexterity of patients with severe coordination deficits Box and Block Test
Designed to select employees for jobs requiring manual/gross dexterity Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Test (MRMT)
Assesses speed/accuracy repetitive reaching, picking up, manipulation and placing 60 disks MRMT
consists of a frame ~3 ft long that has 4 horizontal rows accommodating 60 discs MRMT
Name the 5 subtests of the MRMT placing, turning, displacing, one-hand turning and placing, two hand turning and placing
Assessment done while standing MRMT
Designed to aid in the selection of employees for industrial jobs requiring manual skill Perdue Pegboard
Consists of a wooden board that has two centered rows of 25 small holes Perdue Pegboard
How can one achieve better reliability on the Perdue pegboard 3 test + average score
Perdue's advantage over Nine Hole better, broader norms
Name the 4 subtests of the Perdue o –Placing with each hand, # in 30 seconds o –placing with both hands, o –Assembly task-# in 1 minute-pin, washer, collar, washer
Created by: abascas
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