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Self-Care C1- C3 Totally dependent in self care but can instruct others in preferences for care. Can chew and swallow.
Self-Care C4 Totally dependent in self care but can tell others what their preferences are; Can drink with a glass with a long straw.
Self-Care C5 Requires assistance with setup while eating (may use suspension sling/MAS, dorsal wrist splint with universal cuff) <br> Min-Mod (A) w UE dressing / (D) w LE <br> Mod-Min w Bathing <br> Assist with setup while grooming, can be (I) w universal cuff/s
Self-Care C6 Feeding: (I) w AE (univ.cuff/ tenodesis splint, rocker knife, cup w large handles) <br> Dressing: (I)UE w button hook/zipper pull (I) in LE while in bed. Max A w sock/shoes. <br> Bathing: Mod-Min <br> Grooming: (I) w tenodesis grasp or splint
Self-Care C7 Feeding: (I) <br> Dressing: (I) w button hook <br> Bathing: Mod-Min w depression transfers Grooming: I) w tenodesis grasp or splint
Self-Care C8-T1 Self Care: (I) <BR> Depression transfers with SBA
Self-Care T6-L4 Independent in all Self-Care
Play/Leisure C1-C4 Can play computer games and access internet, paint, control radios, TVs using a mouthstick, head pointer, or voice activated environmental control unit.
Play/Leisure C5 Can (I) play computer games, access internet, use speakerphone and ECU, turn pages for reading, play board games, and do some crafts with a splint, universal cuff, and typing splint.
Play/Leisure C6-C7 Can (I) use computer, can hold phone, and pen using tenodesis grasp or universal cuff to hold a typing stick. Can play board games and some wheelchair sports.
Play/Leisure C8-T1 Can do the same activities as all SCL but it's much easier due to good functinal use of both UE