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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
PAMS Physical agent modalities Occupational Therapy 2022-02-06 abascas 24 21 edit
Wound phases/care phases and modalities for care Occupational Therapy 2021-07-02 abascas 19 3 edit
Fall prevention Postural control strategies Occupational Therapy 2016-02-11 abascas 14 2 edit
hands interventions Interventions for hand impairments Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 abascas 29 10 edit
Motor Assessments Dexterity tests Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 abascas 19 6 edit
Sensory assessments sensory assessment discriptions Occupational Therapy 2020-11-10 abascas 25 2 edit
Fall prevention Fall prevention asssessments Occupational Therapy 2016-02-11 abascas 13 3 edit
Pub. health Principles, approaches, and initatives Occupational Therapy 2013-09-21 abascas 23 1 edit
Population Health An Occupational Rationale Occupational Therapy 2015-06-23 abascas 13 1 edit
QOL and health promo QOL and health promotion Occupational Therapy 2012-01-22 abascas 12 0 edit
Health promo program Health promotion program development Occupational Therapy 2012-01-23 abascas 17 0 edit
PD and dance Study for thesis Occupational Therapy 2014-02-02 abascas 71 1 edit
PD/Dance Study for thesis methodology Occupational Therapy 2012-04-07 abascas 38 0 edit
Assistance Levels FIM Occupational Therapy 2013-01-01 jeffjan01 6 2 edit
Wrist/hand Pathology Orthopedic Pathologies of the wrist/hand Sports Medicine 2014-11-29 ATskg 23 4 edit
SCI LEVELS SCI LEVELS & ADLs Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 poolbeee@yahoo.com 11 49 edit
Adult Intervention Occupational Therapy for Adult Intervention Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 xmelissa48x 180 8 edit
Brunnstrom Brunnstrom treatment approach Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 1529148161 27 13 edit
FIM FIM Levels Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 OTrocks 11 31 edit
CVA OT OT Exam Questions - CVA - Kitsum Li Occupational Therapy 2020-08-31 OTMythTx 36 3 edit
CVA LFTor RT final Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 mejasha 16 5 edit
Aging Changes Aging Changes Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 GooseB 14 9 edit
FIM OTAS FIM Levels Occupational Therapy 2013-01-18 sheilaaf 7 3 edit
Exercise, MMT & FMT 223 2nd exam Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 sherryama 27 4 edit
neuro final 3 3 Occupational Therapy 2011-07-28 mejasha 26 1 edit
Under health ins MEDICARE Insurance 2022-02-23 wendyleppek 54 7 edit

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