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13 Colonies

Virginia - Date Founded 1607
Virginia - Important People John Smith, John Rolfe
Virginia - Reason Businewss venture
Viriginia - Interesting Facts King wanted colony to protect land from Spanish
Massachusetts - Date Founded 1620
Massachusetts - Important People William Bradford, John Winthrop
Massachusetts - Reason Freedom of religion
Massachusetts - Interesting Facts 1st public school, public park, public book store, public newspaper
Rhode Island - Date Founded 1636
Rhode Island - Important People Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson
Rhode Island - Reason Religious and political freedm
Rhode Island - Interesting Facts tolerant of everyone's beliefs, purchased land from Indians
Connecticut - Date Founded 1633
Connecticut - Important People Thoms Hooker, Adrain
Connecticut - Reason Religious and political freedom
Connecticut - Interesting Facts Main Towns-Windsor, Hartford, Godly Community called "House of Hope"
New Hampshire - Date Founded 1630
New Hampshire - Important People John Mason
New Hampshire - Reason Fishing colony (trade + profit)
New Hampshire - Interesting Facts Exeter Compact, promised to abide by law
Maryland - Date Founded 1634
Maryland - Important People Lord Baltimore
Maryland - Reason Haven for Catholics
Maryland - Interesting Facts Religious Tolerance Act, Failure to impose strict laws like deaths to non-believers
North Carolina - Date Founded 1653
North Carolina - Important People Lords Proprietors
North Carolina - Reason Commerce (trade)
North Carolina - Interesting Facts All the land from NC to Georgia
South Carolina - Date Founded 1670-1678
South Carolina - Important People Lord Proprietors
South Carolina - Reason Commerce (trade)
South Carolina - Interesting Facts English were first to make permanent settlements
New York - Date Founded 1614
New York - Important People Peter Minuit
New York - Reason Trade without strict rule, Haven for French Refugees
New York - Interesting Facts Two people explored Niagara Falls, Governor paid $24 to Indians
New Jersey - Date Founded 1664
New Jersey - Important People Duke York
New Jersey - Reason Trade
New Jersey - Interesting Facts Named of Isle of Jersew where Garteret was from, sold to Quakers 1674
Pennsylvania - Date Founded 1681
Pennsylvania - Important People William Penn
Pennsylvania - Interesting Facts means "penn's woods", guaranteed free & fair trial by jury, freedom of religion, freedom from imprisonment, free elections
Pennsylvania - Reason Religious Freedom
Georgia - Date Founded 1732
Georgia - Important People James Oglethorpe
Georgia - Reason give debters secound chance,serve as buffer against Spanish
Georgia - Interesting Facts More than 1,000 settlers in 20 years
Delaware - Date Founded 1638
Delaware - Important People Peter Minuit, Swedish/Dutch, English
Delaware - Reason trading profit
Delaware - Interesting Facts 1st to sign Constitution
New England Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut
Middle Colonies New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Southern Colonies Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
Created by: jmfbowles
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