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Who were the first inhabitants of New York State? hunter-gatherers
Where did the first inhabitants of NY come from? Asia
How did the first inhabitants get here? They followed herds of animals like mastodons and traveled over the land bridge made of ice
How did farming change the way hunter-gatherers lived? They built villages, stayed in one place,grew new food,raised animals,had more food for storage.
What are the two Native American groups in New York State? Iroquois and Algonquin
What are the Iroquois nations or tribes? Mohawk, Cayuga, Oneida, Ononadaga, Seneca, and Tuscarora
What are the Algonquin nations or tribes? Linni Lenape, Shinnecok, Mohican, Montawk, Wappinger, and Delaware
What is the Iroquois name for themselves? Haudenosoune--people of the longhouse
Why was the Iroquois Confederacy (League of Five Nations) formed? To bring allies together to protect each other, to stop fighting, to gain peace,and to trade resources
What were the main crops used by the Native americans? The three sisters (corn,beans,and squash)
What was the role of the native american women? cooking, basket making, caring for children,farming, sewing, gathering food, and cleaning the house
What was the role of native american men? Hunting, fishing, building longhouses,making tools/weapons, clearing fields, and making canoes
What were longhouses made of? tree bark, tree branches, cross poles, moss for insulation
What is a clan? group of native american families with a common ancestor
What is a wampum? a belt made from shells, used to tell stories and make treaties(bring peace)
What is an artifact? object from the past
What is prehistory? time before written records
What is a council? group of men(sachems) who met to make decisions or laws
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