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Roaring 20's Test

5th Grade Ch. 6 History Test

(true/false)Prohibition was a ban on the flapper fashions false
(BW,DW,AW)Skirts worn above the ankles BW-before war; DW-during war; AW-after war AW
Do you think the Prohibition was a good law? Why or why not? answers vary - be thorough; 2-3 sentences and in Christ-like answers or they will be counted wrong
star of silent films Rudolph Valentina
promised a "return to normalcy" after the war Warren Harding
two New York police officers who were famous for their disguises and raids of speakeasies Izzy and Moe
(BW,DW,AW) ticker tape parades AW
(true/false) The Spirit of St. Louis was the name of a popular speakeasy in New York false
(BW,DW,AW) people buying on credit AW
Explain what Calvin Coolidge meant when he said, "The business of America is business." people felt that American would prosper as long as businesses were donig well.
professinoal baseballl player who became an evangelist after getting saved Billy Sunday
(BW,DW,AW) Susan B. Anthony BW
gradually paying the bank back in small payments installments
girls who wore shorter skirts, wore cosmetics, and bobbed their hair flappers
(BW,DW,AW) food rationing DW
(BW,DW,AW) Nineteenth Amendment AW
(true/false) Meetings held by evangelists are called revivals true
How did the assembly lines in automobile production affect people's lives during the 1920's? cars were produced more quickly and in greater number, lowering the price of each automobile. Lower prices allowed more people to have cars. More jobs.
those women who promoted women's right to vote suffragettes
wealthy and powerful mobster who was blamed for the murders of seven people in the St. Valentine's Day massacre Al Capone
(true/false) Radios helped Americans feel closer to each other true
(BW,DW,AW) prohibition AW
(BW,DW,AW) doughboys coming home AW
made the first successful solo flight from New York to Paris in 1927 Charles Lindbergh
called the automobile a "picture of the arrogance of wealth" Woodrow Wilson
codes of behavior we learn are called manners
(BW,DW,AW) lists of men who died DW
(true/false)In 1924 and 1925, the most popular way to invest money was to buy real estate in Hawaii false
famous author whose stories refelcted the behavior and attitudes of the 1920s F. Scott Fitzgerald
contributed to the Harlem Renaissance by starting a collection of books, pamphlets, poems, and pictures either by or about African Americans Arthur Schomberg
(BW,DW,AW)Warren Harding elected president AW
Choose one of the following names for the 1920s and explain why that name is appropriate: "The Roaring Twenties," "The Golden Age of Sports," "The Dazzling Decade," "The Lost Generation," "The Get-Rich-Quick Era," and "The Dry Decade" Answers vary - Answers must be 2-3 sentences and in complete sentences; must be Christ-like answers and relate to the topic or they will be counted wrong
Three sport heroes druing the 1920s Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Gertrude Ederle
a new style of music jazz
Compare the attitudes and behaviors of the 1920s to the attitudes and behaviors today. answers vary - answer in 2-3 sentences - People just wanted to have fun, and enjoy life. They neglected what was important, took risks and lived for themselves
Created by: sandyb
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