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History final

WW 1

what were the reasons for World War 1 Imperialism, Nationalism, Militarism, and Alliances
Bismarck, the Chancellor of Germany, made alliances with Austria Hungary and Italy
The alliance between Germany, Austria Hungary, and Italy was known as the Triple Alliance; which committed the 3 states to unite in their defense against France
What treaty was signed by Bismarck the Re-Insurance Treaty with Russia
Emperor William II of Germany wanted what a "place in the sun"; allowed the treaty with Russia to expire
who were the members of the Entente Cordiale (Friendly Understanding) France and Britain
Who were the members of the Triple Entente France, Britain, and Russia
what were the dangers of the alliance system all involved countries would be forced to fight in event of conflict
how did nationalism and militarism add to tension nationalism made countries willing to revert to war to protect the power of their national states. Militarism influenced leaders to draw up complex plans for quickly mobilizing men in the event of war
What event started WW1` assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
who assassinated Franz Ferdinand Princip (a member of the Black Hand, a Serbian terrorist organization)
How did Austria force Serbia into War Austria gave Serbia an ultimatum that it had to accept or Austria declared war..serbia rejected it
which country supported serbia Russia..supported all slavic states
Why did Germany support Austria because the alliance formed in the Triple Alliance
How did Russia react to Austria declaring war on serbia the ordered full mobilization of the army on germany and Austria
how did germany react to Russia Germany declared war on Russia, also declared war on france
Why did Russia and France enter the War Russia supported Serbia's cause, and France entered because Germany had declared war on them due to their alliance with Russia
What brought Britain into the war Britain had guaranteed Belguim neutrality during the war but when Germany invaded Belguim, Britain was forced to enter the war
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