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History final

European Imperialism and Africa during the Age of Industry

The Age of Imperialism was also known as what Empire Building
which territories did europeans want to control China and Africa
what was the "Crown Colony" of Europe India
Which country controlled Southeast Asia France
who were the Boers Afrikaans-speaking farmers descended from the original Dutch settlers of the Cape Colony
what were the Boer Wars fighting between the British and the Dutch
By 1914, the only 2 free countries in africa were ethiopia and liberia
Why did the Europeans want africa a rivalry for new markets
who controlled the Suez Canal The british
what happened to Germany after the Franco-Prussian War it became a rising industrial power under unification
What caused Portugal to forge an Alliance with Britain concern for protecting colonies Angola and Mozambique
what was the "White Man's Burden" to civilize Asians and Africans
Missionary David Livingston advocated legitimate trade instead of slave trade
During the Scramble for Africa, Germany... became the 3rd largest colonial power and it needed an overseas empire
What motivated the french during the scramble for africa needed to assert glory, a wounded national honor with the loss of Alsace-Lorraine. they added French West Africa
What was Italy's role in the Scramble for Africa it wanted a "Place in the Sun"; it took Libya;it was the only power defeated by an African Army
What area of Africa was claimed by King Leopold II of Belgium the resource rich Congo Basin
What areas did Spain claim in the scramble for africa part of Morrocco and "Rio d'Oro" (Mauritania)
Mauritania was also known as the "Informal Empire" to Colonial Occupation
what type of government did the British use puppet government
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