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history final


where did industrialization begin? Great Britain
What conditions made industrialization possible labor surplus, natural resources (iron ore and coal), Investment capital, entrepreneurs, transportation, markets, and govt made a favorable business climate
Jethro Tull invented what Mechanical Drill
Robert Bakewell invented what started a scientific breeding program
What did Charles Townsend practice practiced crop rotation
James Hargreaves invented what spinning jenny
James Watt invented what 1st practical steam engine
the first continental country to industrialize was... Belgium
Volta invented what 1st electric bearing
Samuel Morse invented what telegraph
Alexander Graham Bell invented what telephone
What did Marconi achieve 1st radio wave message across the atlantic
Thomas Edison invented what lightbulb, phonograph, and powerstations
Benz and Daimler invented what internal combustion engine
Diesel invented what diesel engine
Created by: gpolite