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history notes

conservatism and liberalism

Define conservatism political philosophy to preserve traditions
define liberalism political philosophy advocating individual freedom, equality under the law, freedom of thought and religion
Define nationalism primary political loyalty of individuals would be to the nation
Who was Prince Metternich Austrian foreign minister that hosted the Congress of Vienna. hated liberals, despised nationalism, feared it would break up austrian empire. believed in legitimacy; necessary to restore legitimate monarchs
what are the principles of liberal philosophy protection of civil liberities, equality b4 the law, freedom of assembly, speech, and press; freedom of arbitrary arrest; seperation of church and state
why did liberals support nationalists they believed in the same principles
what were the aims of the congress of Vienna get rid of liberalism, arrange a final peace settlement to redraw the borders of Europe; hoped to undue change from French Revolution and Napolean
Who was the dominant person at the Congress of Vienna Prince Metternich
What nations were apart of the Concert of Europe Great Britain, Prussia, Russia, Austria, and France
What was the purpose of the Concert of Europe it was a military alliance to take steps that would maintain the peace in Europe. Adopted Intervention, asserting the right to send armies into countries in revolution to restore legitimate monarchs to their thrones
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