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Social Studies :)

chapter 8

Why is King Tut one of the MOST well-known Pharaohs? Amazing artifacts were found in Tut's tomb.
Why did the ancient Egyptians make mummies? to preserve dead bodies of the pharaohs
What was the MAJOR purpose for bilding the pyramids? tombs for pharaohs
What is one of the characteristics for which Egypt's Middle Kingdom is especially famous reunification
Which period is often called the Golden Age, a time when Egypt had reached the height of its power? the New Kingdom
What was 1 method that Khufu used to ensure that his power would be accepted? He declared the he was a god
It was built from more than 2 million stone blocks. It had tunnels inside. What was it? the Great Pyramid of Giza
Senurset 1 controlled a source of natural resources that were used in beautiful works of art. What was that source? mines for gold with scarlet feathers
Why did archaeologists reconstruct the White Chapel? It was built by Senurset 1 but had been taken apart by a later ruler
Hatshepsut was the FIRST pharaoh who was a ?? woman
A great temple built into a cliff above a river best describes what?? Hatshepsut's monument at Dayr al-Bahri
In which time period did Egypt have a pharaoh who was especially know for promoting trade ?? who was it?? between 1500 and 1400 B.C.E. it was Hatshepsut
who said "I ruled Egypt fror more than 60 years. I was a famous military leader. I have hundreds of statues of me built- all over Egypt!"?? Rames 11
Who singed the world's first peace treaty?? Egypt and Hittites
Compared with any other pharaoh in history, Rames11 produced more?? temples and monuments
Created by: Halle :D
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