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Ch 8 his 226


In George Washington's Farewell Address, he warned his successors about? Foreign entanglements and political parties.
Gabriel's Rebellion prompted St. George Tucker to suggest? Emancipation and the creation of a black free state in the west.
Tecumseh Argued that? Indians owned land collectively; land sale decisions rested in the hands of the people.
Democratic- Republican societies argued that? They had a right to disagree with the federal government and defend their speech rights.
Why is the Hartford Convention significant? By attacking southern power, it guaranteed the demise of the federalists.
Hamilton's Economic plan included? Assumption of state debts, increase of the federal debts, a central bank, and an excise tax.
The doctrine of judicial review means? The Supreme Court assumes the right to determine whether an act of Congress violates the constitution.
What issues provoked the War of 1812? British interference with US ships and the impressment of US sailors, and British encouragement of the Barbary pirates.
Toussaint L'Ouverture is well known for? Leading a slave rebellion in Haiti (San Domingue)
Gabriel's Rebellion? Demonstrated that slaves were highly aware of liberty talk in the United States
Which of the following contributed to the poor American performance during the War of 1812? The nation was deeply divided about whether to goto war.
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