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Section 1 Chapter 7

Social Studies Notecards 7:1

What is a constitution? A document that sets out the laws, principles, organization, and processes of a government.
What did states write constitutions? 1. It would make citizen's rights clear. 2. It would limit the government's power.
What important iteam was included in Virginia's constitution? The Bill of Rights
What is a bill of rights? A list of freedoms that a government promises to protect.
What did Virginia's Bill of Rights conclude of? It guarenteed trial by jury, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press.
New state governments were similiar to what other kind of governments? Colonial Governments
Describe the executive and legislature. States divided power between the executive and legislature. Legislature was elected to pass laws, and govenors executed the laws.
What happened under state constitutions? More people hasd the right to vote. To be able to vote you must: be white, be a man, and be over the age of 21.
What did delegates come up with to solve the issue of no central government? The Articles of Confederation.
What were the problems with the Articles of Confederation? It created a loose alliance between the 13 states. it limited the power of the government because 9 states had to approve the law before it could go into effect, and Congress couldn't tax people which led to Congress asking the states for money
What dispute arose after the Articles of Confederation were created? Maryland wouldn't obey the Articles of Confederation unless other states includiong Virginia gave up their western claims. States eventually gave up their claims, and Maryland obeyed.
What does ceded mean? Give up.
What problems started to arise after the Articles were passed? Problems over land claims arose, but Congress wasn't allowed to solve this problem.
What was the problem with money? The United States were in debt after the Revolution, but because Congress wasn't allowed to tax, the money was not eaisly made up. The Contiential COngress printed paper currency but had little value elsewhere because there was no gold or silver.
What also happened with money? States started printing their own currency which caused confusion and made trade difficult.
What happened with foreign nations? The relized that they were weak, so British troops didn't leave the Ohio Valley and Spain closed it's port causing a serious problem for farmers.
What was the Land Ordinance of 1785? It was a system for settling the Northwest Territory. The territory would then be divided into townships. The townships would be divided into 36 sections of 1 sq. mile apice. Congress planned to sell these sections for money.
What was the Northwest Ordinance? It set up the Northwest Territory's government. Slavery was outlawed there and basic rights were guarenteed to settlers. This also allowed new states to be admitted to the nation if the states had 60,000 free settlers or more.
Which states were admitted into the nation because of th enorthwest Ordinance? Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
What is a depression? A period when business activity slows, prices and wages fall, and unemployment rises.
Why were farmers in debt? The war had caused a high demand for farm products, so farmers borrowed money for supplies. But after the war the demand for products went down and farmers couldn't repay their loans.
What was Shays' Rebellion? It was a group of angry farmers led by Daniel Shay that were angry because farmers' lands were being taken because of taxes being raised and farmers not being able to pay the taxes.
What did Americans conclude after Shay's Rebellion? The Articles of Confederation didnt't work.
Created by: laurenn1
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