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Biomechanical OTA

phys rehab test on arthritis, hip, amputation, etc.

How fast do nerves regenerate? 1/2 to 1 inch per month
Which lesions regenerate faster: proximal or distal? proximal
Why do distal nerve injuries have a better prognosis? shorter distance to regenerate
Signs of nerve regeneration include: increase in AROM, strength, muscle tone, sensation, sweating; and improved color & texture of skin; improved voluntary muscle function
What is Tinel's sign? test of nerve regeneration
What is Phalen's Test? test of median nerve compression
What movement is lost in radial nerve injury? wrist and hand flexion
What sensation is lost in radial nerve injury? dorsum/forearm, hand
What deformity may be present in radial nerve injury? wrist drop
Where is atrophy seen in radial nerve injury? forearm
What is the treatment for a radial nerve injury? splint: dynamic wrist extension and MP extension
What movement is lost in a median nerve injury? wrist and hand flexion, plus thumb opposition
Where is sensation lost in a median nerve injury? thumb side of hand
What deformity is associated with a median nerve injury? ape hand
Where is atrophy found in a median nerve injury? thenar eminence
What is the treatment for a median nerve injury? splint: thumb opposition
What movement is lost in an ulnar nerve injury? little and ring finger flexion; opposition and finger abduction
Where is sensation lost in an ulnar nerve injury? ulnar side of hand
What deformity is associated with an ulnar nerve injury? claw hand
Where is atrophy found in an ulnar nerve injury? interosseus of hand
What is treatment for ulnar nerve injury? Splint: MP hyperextension blocking
What OT treatment is done for PNI during the acute stage? protective stretching (in splint), correcgt contractures, scar remodeling, splint, sensory compensation, adaptive equipment for ADLs, edema reduction
What two things are done during the acute stage of PNI to correct contractures? AROM, dynamic splint with light stretch
What is Volkmann's Contracture? hand/wrist disorder with severe ischemia of brachial artery; median and ulnar nerve affected
What are causes of severe ischemia of brachial artery in Volkmann's Contracture? elbow fracture of lower end of humerus; results in edema, brachial artery spasm; often caused by tight casts
What is OT treatment for Volkmann's Contracture? Treat ulnar and median nerve injuries; AROM - forearm, wrist, hand, elbow extension
What are the 5 P's of Volkmann's Contracture? pain, pallor, pulselessness (in swollen arm), paresthesias, paralysis
What is another name for Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)? complex regional pain syndrome
What is frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis shoulder hand syndrome? RSD or complex regional pain syndrome
What does RSD stand for? reflex sympathetic dystrophy
Created by: ota2012
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