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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
CVA Location/Symptom Matching different areas of the brain infarct with the symptoms that arise Unfinished 2011-09-14 ota2012 8 0 edit
Peds Models & FOR Pediatric Models & Frames of Reference LP1 Unfinished 2011-09-18 ota2012 28 0 edit
Peds Development OTA Pediatric Practice Growth & Development LP3 Occupational Therapy 2017-12-26 ota2012 29 2 edit
Rehab: Rood Phys Rehab notes on Rood Approach Unfinished 2011-09-19 ota2012 8 0 edit
Rehab: Brunnstrom Phys Rehab notes on Brunnstrom Unfinished 2011-09-19 ota2012 15 0 edit
Phys Rehab Exam 1 Questions to study for 9/29 test Unfinished 2011-09-27 ota2012 67 0 edit
Peds Grasp grasp patterns by age Occupational Therapy 2015-08-27 ota2012 25 1 edit
Peds Reflexes Reflexes for Test 1 Occupational Therapy 2017-03-07 ota2012 65 2 edit
Phys Rehab SCI Exam Phys Rehab SCI Exam Occupational Therapy 2014-02-02 ota2012 48 0 edit
Child Study Guide2 childhood disabilities, including visual perception, sensory Occupational Therapy 2015-08-27 ota2012 21 2 edit
Biomechanical OTA phys rehab test on arthritis, hip, amputation, etc. Occupational Therapy 2014-02-02 ota2012 30 0 edit
Peds Last Chance Final exam material for OTA Pediatric Practice Occupational Therapy 2014-02-02 ota2012 86 0 edit
Peds Types of Play Identify the category of play based on the activities named Occupational Therapy 2015-08-27 ota2012 14 1 edit
Trees-List 2 Tree genus and common name part 2 Unfinished 2014-02-08 ota2012 20 0 edit
Trees Tree Common Names and genus (master gardener) Biology 2014-02-02 ota2012 20 0 edit
Shrubs 3 genus and common name for several shrubs Biology 2014-02-17 ota2012 20 0 edit
Shrubs 4 Shrub genus and species - list 4 Science 2014-02-26 ota2012 20 0 edit
Perennials 5 Perennial genus and species - week 5 Unfinished 2014-03-05 ota2012 20 0 edit

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