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War of 1812 & Pres.

War of 1812 and US Presidents

What country initiated the War of 1812 The United States of America
What country did the US unsuccessfully invade during the war of 1812? Canada
Who was president during the war of 1812? James Madison
Who saved the portrait of George Washington from the White House before it burned? Dolley Madison
Who was the architech of the American Constitution? James Madison
What is the term used to describe the act of the British Navy kidnapping US sailors and making them rejoin the British Navy? Impressment
What is the name for southern congressmen who favored war? War Hawks
Who was the shortest president? James Madison
When did the Star Spangled Banner become America's National Anthem 1931
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key
Which fort sunk its own ships to form a barrier and stop the British from attacking Baltimore? Fort McHenry
What type of storm struck Washington DC right as the British troops were attacking? Hurricane
Who made the large flag the US troops flew over Ft. McHenry Mary Pickersgill
What US Fort surrendered to the British without firing a single shot? Detroit
What is the name of the American ship that withstood a direct attack from the British ships? Old Ironsides
What was the main cause of the War of 1812? Impressment of American Sailors into the Royal Navy
The British were fighting what other country at the same time as the War of 1812? France
After the White House was burned, some people wanted it rebuilt in which city? Philadephia
What was Andrew Jackson's nickname? Old Hickory
What was James Madison's nickname? Little Jemmie
First President of the US George Washington
Who was president during the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson
Which two presidents died on the exact same day? John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
After the battle at which location was the Star Spangled Banner written? Fort McHenry
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner? Francis Scott Key
What was unique about Fort McHenry's shape It was the shape of a star
Who made the flag that flew over Fort McHenry? Mary Pickersgill
What was the name of the poem that became the United State's National Anthem? Defense of Fort McHenry
What did some British soldiers do to make themselves look more like Americans? got tattoos of American symbols (such as an eagle)
Which battle was fought after the War of 1812 was over? Battle at New Orleans
Who won the war of 1812? No one
Who was the biggest looser in the War of 1812? The Native Americans
What groups fought against America in the War of 1812? Britain, Canada and the Native Americans
What is the name of the Treaty to end the war of 1812? Treaty of Ghent
How did the war of 1812 get it's name? Named after the year it began
what were the dates of the War of 1812? 1812-1815
Who else was Britain fighting at the beginning of the War of 1812? France
What is significant about Impressment in regard to the start of the War of 1812? It was the main cause of the war but Britain had stopped practicing it prior to the war beginning, but word just had not arrived yet.
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